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DAF Service Delivery - the future

No description

Nicole Kent

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of DAF Service Delivery - the future

DAF Service Delivery -
the future

Our customer service charter
We will be a provider of services that are:
valuable and responsive to our customers
delivered leveraging digital technologies without eliminating channel choice
cost effective and efficient
working to cultivate self-reliance in the long term
We can learn from others
Many departments have already commenced their service reform journey and we can leverage their learnings and knowledge
Building the foundations for success
The right foundations and building blocks are essential to our success
There are a number of external and internal drivers for modernising our service delivery and improving customer experience
Current state
We've taken a few small steps but they are largely in isolation of each other and need to be bought together
The foundations we need to build
There are a number of strategy documents and frameworks we need to develop to ensure strong foundations and building blocks for DAF
A shared vision
We need a vision that is shared by the whole organisation, championed by our executives and committed to by each and every member of DAF
Strategies and frameworks
We need strategies and frameworks that will guide DAF toward this outcome, that drive organisational culture and our commitment to placing our customers at the centre of our business decision making
Systems and technologies
We need systems and technologies that are integrated and streamlined across DAF, supporting increased automation of administrative processes and improved customer/business intelligence to help us target our service delivery
Customer Drivers
Changing customer expectations - channel choice, digital options, joined-up services

WoG Drivers

Commitment to services modernisaton and improved customer experience

Tightened fiscal environment

DAF Drivers
Keeping up with industry and remaining relevant

Doing more with less

Modernising services

Biosecurity Act
Services information and smartforms
Content transitioned to franchise sites

Some simple transactions available online (smartforms)

Digital services and technologies

Fishies app?

Future beef?


IT systems review

Open data
Customer information
CRM for DAF - aim is single view of the customer

Currently 200+ databases across the department collecting customer information in some level of detail
Lack of shared vision
Siloed – need to start thinking ‘one DAF’ not individual business groups
Risk adverse and fragmented decision making
Limited / no $$ - we need to disinvest to reinvest
Heavily reliant on manual, outdated processes - significant savings can be realised by moving digital
Cannot continue to meet changing customer expectations
Don’t have the tools to make informed business decisions
Other departments are much further along on the journey of re-engineering their services and designing their digital future
Design DAF for the future and build our identity / brand
Take control of our future and direction – we can align with (rather than be reactive to) WoG direction and initiatives
Opportunities abound, particularly in the digital space – harnessing these opportunities will deliver long-term benefits to the department and our customers
Invest now to realise significant savings in the future
Link projects across the department to leverage resources and deliver results for ‘one DAF’
Leverage WoG initiatives and learnings from other departments and jurisdictions
The principles according to which our services are organised and delivered
The guidelines by which we use digital and information technology to underpin and facilitate service delivery
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Potential loss of industry confidence and investment – we need to stay relevant
Fundamental business impact if/when change is forced upon us rather than us controlling the change
The longer we wait to act the more it will cost
Technology is outdated and siloed – cost to maintain is significant
Current franchise model does not meet customer, industry or DAF needs
If we don't change we will be forced to change

A joined-up and resourced approach
We need to bring together the pieces of work across the department, leverage learnings, understand the connections and ensure the outcomes are consistent and reduce duplication, and ensure activities are appropriately resourced and managed
The principles that guide our interaction with our customers, our commitment to customer experience and putting the customer at the centre of service design and delivery decisions
The fundamental policy outcomes DAF seeks to achieve
Placeholder for highlevel blueprint
Our staff are customer focused
Staff are knowledgeable and dedicated
If we lead, our staff will follow
We want to do things better
Industry want to be involved
Our customers want us to modernise our service delivery, making it easier and more efficient for them to do business with us
We have good partnerships
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