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Science Project

Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami

Chris Stone

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Science Project

Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami
sudden movement of the Pacific plate sliding under the North America.
rising water, upward movement, released energy, displacing ocean and causing Tsunami

death toll of 1000+ after earthquake ended within hours
radio active leaking in Nuclear power plant
destroyed and washed away homes, cities and farm land

Facts Earth quake occured on March, 11 2011
Occured in Northern Japan, Sendai
Learned that when warnings are given they should evacuate immediatly
One event can set off another one and cause more damage
Death toll of 11417 officially
about 10,000 more are missing
about 434,000 are homeless or in shelters
Final estimated death toll of 25,000
Japan was moved about 6 feet from original spot

Sientists can use new technology to do their best to get warnings earlier
they are trying to predict where future quakes will occur
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