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One Planet Living

No description

Naim Habib

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of One Planet Living

“We had a bigger impact than if we had run a Super Bowl ad,” said Mr. Scott Monty (P.E., 2012). “Facebook, currently the world’s largest social networking network, has over 800 million active users around the world, and roughly 200 million users in the United States, which is two thirds of the [US] population” (The New York Times, 2012). Promotion Ways to get more likes 1st Green Party to hold Council
2nd OPL community
1st One Planet City Housekeeping Connectivity Reaching Out Development Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party) Pooran Desai (Co-Founder of BioRegional) Anthony Probert
(BioRegional Project Manager) Success Brighton One Brighton -OPL Community
-OPL Day Brighton and Hove W. P. I. Brighton + Hove launching One Planet City
New OPL webpage Workshop Action Plan What's Next? Reach Out
Rob Kreuger
Environmental Sustainability Committee
President Berkey “We’ve realized that if you want to do social media, you have to do it the proper way now…You can’t compromise on it. You can’t just have an intern do it for three hours a day and then walk away. It’s nearly a full time job.” (P. Carr, personal communication, May 29, 2012) Maintenance Mr. Monty, the head of social media at Ford, stated that “if you combine engaging experiences with unique story-telling and paid content, Facebook becomes very effective” (P.E., 2012). Number of visitors and registered users of popular social media sites (Henrickson, 2011) (based on data from Stelzner, 2011) Percentage of adult internet users by age group who use social networking (Reis, 2011) Admins Linking Sites -Post to OPL FB page
-Engage w/page
Relate to job
-Promote page
-Check page usage
-Follow checklist Social Media Campaigns Content Workshop -Educate employees on FB
-How to be an effective Admin
-No longer than 30 mins Videos to post on the page
Promote BBC video using Facebook
One Planet Video developed by WWF (2007) Rio Why Facebook? +20 & Hove Survey Analysis Sustainability Department
Communications Department
Sustainable Business Network How?
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