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Round Square

No description

piper foot-hill

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of Round Square

Round Square

By Piper Foot-hill
and Chloe Leersen

Thank You For Watching
When did we get told?
We got told on the 20th of June who got in, We where very nervous. When i heard the Malaysia people I was starting to hold my breath. Every one was exited, nervous and sad. We where all nervous at the start. When we where told who got in and who didn't there was some people where exited and some where sad.
IAN Hunter
Ian found out he was a aboriginal at 4 years of age. He learned how to fly a helicopter and got over his fear. He gave all of us a gum leaf to show a sign of in a group.
Katrina Hibbert
Coaching the boomers
Her role model was Micheal Jordan
commonwealth gold medal. Youngest in the 5 children in the family. Her motto was any thing is possible and stay persistent. The higher you get the harder it gets. Her brother passed away and her dad has internal cancer. she played for Mel/Vic and represented 14, 16 and 18. she was a shooter. Her number is 6. Girls training with boys will make you better. Don't be put down by other peoples words.
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