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Untitled Prezi by pumesh mp

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pumesh mp

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi by pumesh mp

MAYA(Medical Advise You Access)

Our Vision
“BringTears Of Happiness”
Why Use Maya?
How Can Maya Help?
We have seen patients developing minor and serious complications because they did not consultation a doctor early, due to fear of cost, cross infections or received false reassurance from nurse or chemist.
If the symptom cannot be managed at home or in primary care, she will advice you to go to hospital as an emergency.
Current situation
Medical Advise You Access
After several years planning and research, we compiled a list of common symptoms that make people anxious to consult doctors. We found, more than 70% of patients consulting a doctor as emergency did not have serious illness that required clinical examination, tests or referred to specialist in hospital.
"Knowledge Of Health Is Knowledge Of Life"
and the way to make healthcare affordable is by educating you and letting you be involved in the decision making process. This symptom checker tool is based on "Clinical Acumen" (How doctors think) and not based on the "Manchester Triage Scoring System" developed by nurses and medical students.
When patients describe the symptoms for which they are seeking professional attention, they are also reporting the story of an illness as they have lived, and remembered it.
Systemisation of health care and integrating services is the only way forward in creating a service that can reduce cost
protect patients and reduce wrong doings that has devastated lives of patients all over the world.
The mission of this project is to reduce "Social in-equalities in healthcare" and offer free access to the best primary healthcare
“Scientists were so pre-occupied with Whether or not they could; They didn’t stop to think if they should”
– Jurassic Park.
Its ironic a fantasy movie, aptly describes the medical crisis we face today. We are talking about emerging infections and antibiotic resistance.
(Medical Advise You Access)
It has not been easy for doctors to differentiate minor from serious illness.
Must be seen by
A Doctor who may clinical examine, perform tests or investigation
Must be treated as an Emergency by a specialist in a hospital and not managed at home by family doctors, nurses or chemist.
As doctors working in acute and intensive care for almost thirty years, we have used this simple tool to priorities consultation, treatment or hospitalisation.
Maya thinks like a junior doctor working in a hospital or Emergency Care. She presents you a list of common symptoms and allows you to choose the answer to few leading questions.

Based on your response, Maya will grade the severity of your illness. Once she decides you may require clinical examination, tests or investigation, she will advice you to speak or consult a doctor.
Maya the only tool developed with passion to help you reduce wasted consultation, cost, medical errors, cross infections, hospitalisation
and antibiotic abuse.
Tell me and I will forget.
Teach me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn.
-Benjamin Franklin
Healthcare is all about trust and care. This symptom checker tool was developed with a passion to protect you from inflicting harm either intentional or unintentional.
We do not monitor or store information about your contacts with patients and advice you offer.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Common diseases commonly occur, rare diseases rarely happen but we neglected these so-called "Minor Ailments". Symptoms of common disease are under-researched, little understood and managed with uncertainty and often-using common sense.
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