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James Dynaso

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of 2000-2015

By: James Dinaso
Major event in the decade of 2000-2015 have been huge "game-changers" in the way that the U.S. has conducted itself has a country. For instance the attack of 9/11 has changed the country's view on security and foreign intelligence. The federal government has kept a close eye on the society of the U.S. and has buckled down on security in all major areas of transportation in and out of the country and also at local places within the country. The election of President Obama has also drastically changed the country. We has a country have gone from $10.626 trillion ( President Bush) to over $18 trillon has of today with President Obama in office. The area of unemployment is also another huge issue. The percentage of unemployment in 2008 was 6.1% to 8.7% for men over 20 in 2011. The importance and impact of both these events has completely changed the face of America for good.
Technology has changed so much from 2000-2015. For instance the 1st ever iPhone was only released in 2007 and the wasn't released until 2009. Yes a fast new release but it was still very new to society and helpful but not very helpful. Now a days the iPhone 6 is out and this phone is so helpful to people. It has free excess to the internet and it can call and text and video chat and so much more. It has the capability of a computer all squeezed into a hand-held device. Also is the Windows Surface Pro, this is a tablet that the company of Windows has come out with. This is a replacement for your laptop and it can be used as a tablet or a laptop. Back in 2000 tablets with this capability didn't exist. The importance of changes and improvements in technology is that is able to help us collect data and communicate better with people. The impact is that everything in communication is much easier.
Oh Boy!! Transportation is a major part of everyday life, this is the major and maybe the only to get around this days. Improvements in economics and fuel efficiency helps everyone. The way that trucks and cars have been changed in the way they have been built to provide better air flow over the car resulting in better mpg and travel distances. Building better engines allows them to last longer and be more reliable in the long haul. Now days car companies are building hypbred cars. These cars run on limited gas and mostly electricity. This allows these cars to use last gas therefore not produce more greenhouse gases and therefore help the atmosphere. The importance of improvement to transportation is that it helps the atmosphere and the people are able to get places in better time and spend less money doing it, the impact is a major effect in that cars are equipped with so many helpful guides people no longer need to use maps and etc.
Important people in the decade of 2000-2015 would be Steve Jobs and President Obama. President Obama has impacted our country since his election in 2008. Since he has been in office, he has promoted ObamaCare and has successfully passed the law for ObamaCare. He has also began the exit of U.S. forces from Iraq where we have been engage since 2001. Steve Jobs is important because he was the head of the major phone company Apple until his late death in 2011. He was in charge of overseeing all of the improvements and progress that Apple has made in technology. He, along with his company have made major improvements for the way people are able to communicate with each other.
Industry in the U.S. has changed drastically over the course of 15 years, America has become more of a debtor country than it has ever been in the past and this is mostly because of the economy and how it has effected the industry in America. As you can see by just gas prices, the natural gas industry has hit the bottom and is now having to buy more and more gas from the Middle East, this results in higher gas prices on the U.S. citizens. Another way that industry has changed is in the way that items are being made and produced and what is being produced. For instance, changes in the way that cars are being manufactured is huge, they are more fuel efficient and lighter and are able to withstand more wear and tear. This helps the car industry by allowing more care to be available for sale on the market. Industry is important because it is the main means of production inside the country and it keeps the economy rolling and it has impact the country greatly through ups and downs in the industry and not a steady pace at which it is run and produced.
how has leisure changed
How has leisure changed over the years... It has changed a lot, it may not seem like it but we actually have more leisure time now than we did 40 years ago. More and more people are spending more and more free time just not doing anything. They spend time with their families and go out and do fun things. More kids now days watch tv and play video games instead of doing homework or something productive. Parents are going on more and more dates and families are having more family nights out. The importance of leisure is it is a time to relax and not have to go at 100 mph focused on work etc. The impact is that it has allowed more family bonding time and has allowed people to grow closer to each other.

Sports throughout the decade have extremely changed, athletes have gotten much bigger, faster and stronger since 2000. The rules of the game have also changed a lot too. For instance, as of 3 days ago, the NFL has moved the extra point attempt from the 2 yard line to the 15 yard line making it more difficult for the teams to convert and also are allowing defenses to return 2 point conversions for 2 points also. There are many safety issues that have changed also. For instance, the concussion protocol now days is way more strict demanding then it was in 2000. The NFL, NBA, MLB are all cracking down on steroid and other performance enhancing drugs that athletes use to try to and get an advantage over the other team. The importance of sports is that is an amazing life to live and it helps build character and morals in young people's life's. The impact is that it helps everyone relax and enjoy fun times spending family time together and it allows athletes playing the sports the opportunity of a life-time through sports.
Music... this is around in everyday life whether you see it or not. Music has drastically changed from 2000 to 2015. Music now days is mostly electronic with a slight collection on tapes and cds as it used to be. The culture of music now is more pop and up beat verus the slower more relaxing music from later in the decade. The face of bands and the way that are dressed and how they treat their bodies has also changed greatly. More and more bands are rock and roll and heavy metal and the rappers of the decade are making their music more and more down grading toward women through talking about sex and etc. The bands have crazy hair doe's and many many tatooes. The importance and impact of music is that it is a gateway to relaxation and comfort.
Medicine is essential to survival. Medicine and anti-biotics have evolved just as diseases and sickness have. Medicine have allowed for people to take better care of their bodies and live longer. Vaccine shots are also a type of medicine in which prevents sicknesses such as the swine flu which was a major problem in 2009. The importance and impact of medicine is that it helps live longer and take better care of their bodies.
The literature in the 2000s to 2015 has changed very much. Books and literature are not as much written for the pleasure of the people but more toward informing the people and educational uses. Books are also more bibliographies and autobibliographies about people and their impact on society and the country in many cases. Literature is more intended to help students and people in general. The importance and impact of the literature is that of education and inside on what is going on in the country and outside of the country.
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