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March 2018 Sales Meeting

No description

Steve Callaway

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of March 2018 Sales Meeting


Jeff Buchanan $12,277
Steve Callaway $9,495
Barry Link $7,678
Rick Callaway $7,022
Sean Brennan $5,399
Jake Curran $3,750
Bill Link $3,644
Katie Cameron $938

Marketing Your Larger Accounts

If it's worth marketing, it's worth taking the time to market completely.
Move your submission to the top of the underwriters' basket.
Give Your Underwriter a Reason to Write the Account.
Leader Board
Expense Reports
Marketing Updates
Jon Bush
2018 Leader Board
Eric Wick $37,591
Sean Wilson $25,286
MJ Miller $24,522
Gregg Lehman $13,325
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