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Australian Identity Asssignment

Here is my humanties assignment

Gracie Lawrence

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Australian Identity Asssignment

Traralgon Lindale Grace
Lawrence By Deniliquin Melbourne Australian Identity Hi, its Grace and I will be showing you my... My Family Tree, a couple of Topics about Australia and a Famous Australian Celebrity My Family Tree This is me This is my sister Hannah And my little brother Stan We are the children of Greg Lawrence Leesa Lawrence Mum is the youngest of 8 children and the child of... Edna Fay Langstaff John William Henry Langstaff Pop came from Lindale, England and moved to.... when he was 12 Sorry about the head Ronald Arthur Lawrence Rae Lawrence Grandpa was one of the first Rotary Exchange Students Dads is the youngest of 3 children and his parents are He flew from to Next topic Australia vs Australia Vinegar Hill 1791 the 3rd fleet had landed and was full of Irish. The irish hated the british ever since the british had colonized their land and the way British treated the Irish as well due to the british looked down at the irish for believing in fairies and leprechauns. So when they were sent to Australia they were furious. 1798 was the year of Vinegar Hill, which was when the Irish took a stand against the British over in Ireland. The rebels who survived the huge fight were sent to Australia. When they were sent to Australia they didn’t think of themselves as convicts instead thought of them as political prisoners, and they very much disliked the British for this. As soon as they got to Australia they were already starting to organize an uprising. Six times in two years they had tried to start one though failed. March 1804 the Irish and other convict rebels were ready to fight again, with their leader Phillip Cunningham, who knew how to organize troops, though he struggle to discipline them because was most of the time the convicts were drunk. 200 convicts came from Castle Hill, and as they marched on other convicts joined while they went to meet another group from Hawkesbury, the group from Hawkesbury were bringing a thousand to join their group though it was late. The red coats didn’t know about the up and coming rebellion until they heard about it by town gossip. Major Johnson led 29 red coats through the night through Sydney to catch up with the rebels on a hill side near Parramatta. The British were outnumbered from about 10 to one. When the British army met the rebels there was a big standoff, Major Johnson was trying to calm everyone down and Cunningham was going “death or liberty” while most of the rebels were just wanting to go home there was a lot of tension. So he takes his gun out and points it at a rebel and one of the British army pointed at Cunningham and then they started firing. There is a drawing of the battle of Vinegar Hill; a rebel is shouting “death or liberty major” and a cartoon of Major Johnson replying “You scoundrel I’ll liberate you”. After that nine rebels were killed and a lot more were injured during that 15 minute battle, including the rebels leader Cunningham. Everyone thought he was dead because he was stabbed with a sword, which caused the rebels to be worried due not having their leader, so they ran away... The red coats took Cunningham away to the Governor’s stall and the next day hung him from the staircase without trial with a lot of the rest of the rebels, as a memory to others of what death or liberty really meant. Half of the rebels were British which was pretty bad for the British government, and the judge who sentenced the rebels to death was mortified that 4 out of 8 that had to have their last rights from the church of England and not the catholic faith. They thought that the Irish had taken the British to the wrong path. The Irish were believed to be rebellious due to they did not have many civil and human rights in Ireland, which became worse when they came here. When they found out they were in Australia forever things got worse. The authorities built places so none of this would happen again so they built lots of gaols; including Port Arthur. Now if the Irish had won what would have happened? The backup for the British army were months away, so we could have been taken over by convicts and the Irish. They may have started more wars? They may have died from starvation or dehydration? Who knows but life may have been very different. ? Eureka Stockade The Australian Gold Rush during the 1850’s in Ballarat gave Australia a new start. The Gold Rush gave Australia the opportunity to change with their government, the citizens rights and rebellious acts. Australia was a place for new opportunities for foreigners, with swarms of people coming during the Gold Rush, most of them Irish and British. The Victorian and New South Wales government decided to make a minors license for anyone digging for gold, the license allowed them to the right to dig in a small area. The minors license cost 30 shillings, though was double if you weren’t British, you had to buy the license before you started digging which was very hard for the diggers due to managing their expensive supplies, and they probably spent all their money to get here. They got annoyed by that but could put up with it a little. Due to not many diggers paying their fee the gold commissioners sent troopers to catch them. If you were caught without a license you were fined, and had their huts and equipment destroyed. The troopers were supposed to protect the diggers and be kind to them, though from records shown the troopers looked down on them and were cruel and rude. What got the diggers really angry was how their fees were checked. The diggers were constantly being tapped on the shoulder by the rude troopers. Then when the fee was doubled by the government in December 1851 to make the diggers go back to work, that’s when they took it one step too far for the diggers. Rebellions in Australia
and the Republic Referendum Victoria's governor, Lieutenant-Governor Sir Charles Hotham ordered license hunts twice a week in September 1854. This was enough to make the diggers even angrier. The diggers were one big family, so when one of them knew a license hunt was going to happen or if troopers were coming they would yell “ Joe, Joe” to give the other diggers warning to have their license on them. Because of lots of angry protests the gold commissioners lowered the fee to 20 shilling in Victoria which still wasn’t low enough because, there was less gold being found on the surface, which caused the digger’s income to be smaller. They diggers went deeper into the ground to find gold, they made mines that were 30 meters below the ground; that was very expensive, money was hard to get. Living in the goldfields was tense; there was only enough room for a digger and their dog to get through. There were usually four to five men in a tent and once a week they would take turns of being the housewife. That didn’t go down well because they always criticize each other’s cooking. If you had a big log at the front that would be the neighborhood get together, and if it was near your tent you were very favored. Hint: Lots of diggers had dogs to protect their gold. Now why did they make these licenses in the first place? Well everyone was searching for gold on the fields living in tents and the government didn’t want to live in tents and there were no labour in the city or on the farms and no tax revenue. When they came up with the idea of the miners fee well it wasn’t very much liked. The fee was pretty much a tax, and with the swarm of people the government was in big need of money. In December after the fee was doubled someone put a poster saying “Diggers, Meet, Gather, Protest” with the date (the 15 December) and the location (Shepherds hut) that’s when all those people were one. The diggers wanted to be heard whilst the government felt they were losing their power. More than 10,000 diggers marched to shepherd hut, they had people stand on crates and give a speech saying their point of view about the government and the tax, saying it was unfair. There weren’t any roads or anything else provided, except for troopers. They were very surprised of how quickly the police came with rifles and muskets demanding money. Most of the diggers came here to get out of the class system, and to be free from labour, they thought it wasn’t old England it’s a new beginning. After that the Government increased the number of police, they recruited young men and got police from other areas such as Tasmania. The police also arrested most of the diggers undercover and chained them to a log away from where they worked. They diggers decided to burn their licenses in 1854, though the police reacted by more license checks, and more arrests. The mood got ugly and there was more anger in the air. It was the digger’s last straw after continually being harassed by the police; they built a stockade around the digging area called Eureka as a barrier to the license checkers. The diggers leader was Peter Lalor in the rebellion. People from all different areas of the world joined forces against the Australian government under the Southern Cross Flag. On dawn Sunday the 3rd of December the troopers attacked, 150 diggers went against 270 well armed troopers. The battle went for 20 minutes, 3 soldiers and 25 diggers were killed and many more injured including the diggers leader Peter Lalor whose arm was badly injured; it was later cut off. The surviving leaders were arrested and were charged with treason against the Queen Victoria. In the court case the government had all the evidence they needed for them to be hanged. On the jury it was all Melbourne citizens and no Irishmen, after the jury retired and came back to deliver the verdict they said the diggers were not guilty. Historians think the jury chose that way because they didn’t want any hanging or killings in the new society. Historians also say this is the closest Australia ever got to a revolution. Now what did the diggers get out of this, well they got:
• Political respiration was extended to the minors.
• Democracy was taking its place.
• Changed their government
• Great Britain had less of a say of how things were run in Australia.
• Peter Lalor became a member of the Victorian Parliament.
• It gave the diggers and citizens more rights.
• The gold licence was named the “Miners Right” that got one pound per year, and it gave the holder a right to vote. Grandma worked at the National Bank though had to stop because married women were not allowed to work at the bank. She has also spent all her life making those she loves happy. Nan has won numerous awards for her community work and she is still continuing to help her community at the age of 86 & Republic Referendum The republic referendum happened in Australia in 1999 on the 6th of November; all Australians had to go to the voting polls to vote on two questions. The first one was if Australia should be out of the commonwealth, 54.87% said we should stay in the commonwealth and 43.13% said we shouldn’t. Here is the voting percentage to become a republic or not The voting percentage wasn’t even because some people didn’t write yes or no and .86% didn’t know how to fill out the form; 4.9 % didn’t vote which is illegal so they were fined. The only state that voted that we should be a republic was the Australian Capital Territory. The other question was should there be a preamble to the constitution, which is pretty much a blurb. Nobody wanted a preamble; the highest percentage against it was in Queensland which was 97.9%. We have a vote every ten years to be a republic or not. Here are the pros and cons of being a republic: Cons: • It would be very expensive and very complex
• Some people are afraid that politicians will have too much power; they will make changes to the constitution.
• It is working well being a part of the Commonwealth so why change it?
• We have never experienced any trouble like a civil war.
• If the government wasn’t being fair we would have a country to back us up •Australia is already independent so what the difference
•Australia seems to have closer ties with Asia especially with trading
•Now we have immigrants coming from all over the world not just from Britain
•Others may find it fun having a new start to the country. Pros: Topic 1: We Found it! Topic 2: Finding the Great Southern Land Lots of people thought that Captain Cook discovered Australia but that isn’t really the case. Aboriginals were on the land for 65,000 years, and many other countries visited the coastline. The Finding and Colonizing of Australia The Chinese came during the 14th century they believe in north Australia, there was a trading point in Indonesia so they could of taken the wrong turn and landed at north Australia quiet easily. Now if they didn’t make it to Australia the Macassan’s did, they came from what is now Indonesia to Australia in search of sea cucumbers. An Aboriginal Painting of the Macassan Fishermen Australia was known to the Europeans as Terra Australis Incognito, the Great Unknown Southern Land. The great Dutch explore Willem Janszoon was sailing around New Guinea when he bumped into Australia’s coast which now know as Cape York in 1606. The first Englishman that came to Australia’s shores in 1688 and he was William Dampier. He wasn’t impressed by Australia he said it was dry, hardly any fish, hardly any animals, the trees had no fruit or berries on them. He very much disliked Australia. During 1606-1700 there are over 50 times when the Europeans landed in Australia. Lots of Europeans knew Australia was there though they had no idea what to do with the great big land. Let’s take Action! When the empires tried to have the most power, the great southern land seemed like the ultimate prize to the three main empires at the time, and they were Spain, France and Britain. Here is a picture of the empires in the 17 century to the 19 century. There was no war to get to Australia, it was a scientific event that made one of the empires come. It was 1769 when the great event of the planet Venus could be seen moving across the Sun. English astronomers wanted to see this from the south pacific, and that gave King George the third an idea. Britain now had an excuse to go to the southern hemisphere and science was the reason for going there. Or was this the only reason? 39 year old Lieutenant James Cook was chosen to be in charge to take the scientists to Tahiti, though there was a secret mission that would only be known about when they reached the other side of the world. Can you guess the secret mission? If you guess finding the Great Southern land, you guessed correct! His main job was to find the land, without knowing its exact location. After he went to Tahiti with the scientist, he went on with his challenge from the King to sail and claim the Great Southern Land for King George of England. First he claimed New Zealand, then on 19th of April 1770 Cook knew he was close to the great land. At 6am the next morning they had found what they were looking for and claimed it for King George. Cook landed at Botany Bay New South Wales Cooks Voyage So Australia may not have been claimed by the English if they planets had not aligned. The Great Southern Land Now where did this idea of a great southern land come from? Well the ancient Greeks believed there had to be a great southern land to balance the earth so the earth didn’t tip. The Colonization of Australia It was a rough time in England in the 16th-17th century; crime was going out of control because there were no jobs due to machines doing all their work and the unemployed needed to survive. They were storing the criminal’s is the hulks of old ships, putting some of them in South Africa and America. Due to the battle of independence against America, Britain couldn’t drop off their convicts at America anymore, so they needed a place to dump unwanted criminals. They heard of a place James Cook found they called Terra Nullius. 23 women were told they could either live in Australia or receive the death penalty, 16 decided to go to Australia the others decided to die instead of going to Australia. So just by reading that it seemed they thought going to Australia was worse than death. Joseph Banks was with James cook and he suggested to the British that Australia was a place to put their unwanted convicts. They had been told it had mild weather, no savage animals and a small timid population would speedily leave whatever land they needed. The British believed that indigenous people had no right to the land because they hadn't changed the landscape of the land by agriculture or building. So it seemed to the British it was theirs to take. The British saw lots of bonuses of having Australia. They thought that it would be a great area for the military in the South Pacific, a dumping ground for convicts and compensating them for their loss of America. Australia looked promising. Captain Arthur Phillip was chosen to lead the fleet to Australia. 11 ships with 759 convicts, 27 dependents of the marines wives and children and 450 crew members left Britain at three o’clock on the 13th may 1787. The fleet sailed into Botany Bay on 18 January 1788, though it wasn’t what they were looking for... They knew there was another area that Cook found in 1770 a few kilometers north called port Jackson. Captain Phillip went to investigate with some of the crew and found what he called, one of the finest harbors of the world. Then when they went back to botany bay one of the crew found another boat that wasn’t British near land. It was a French boat and Captain Phillip knew one of the French men and wondered what on earth he was doing here; maybe spying or starting a French colony he had no idea. He had to act fast because he didn’t want the Frenchmen to find the port so he told the fleet to follow him to port Jackson and he claimed it for England. He didn’t want them to discover this great harbor so they sailed on a bit more. The French men only needed a safe port to stay at for six weeks needing to re supply, his two ships and his crew had disappeared somewhere in the south pacific. Imagine if the Frenchmen came before the fleet, things would have certainly changed. & Pop was the only boy out of 9 children and the son of... Emily Alice Langstaff Issac William Langstaff Photos of him are in different shops around town of him in his horse and cart. Emily lived for her family though longed for England & Henry Stanley Pickering Mavis Mascal Pickering & Nan was the second eldest of 7 children and the daughter of... He raised 7 children after the death of his wife. He kept his 7 children together rather than adopting them out. He married twice after Mavis' death. Mavis died young at the age of 33 from pregnancy Arthur George Lawrence Georgina Evelyn Lawrence & He built roads which was considered an essential service during WW2. He built roads in terrible conditions in Central Australia. Georgina employed to do domestic duties for other people. Bernard Nolan He started his Junior Football and Cricket teams long before any Junior AFL/VFL had organised games. & Daphne Nolan Daph was a great hockey player and captain of her team. She was a beautiful seamstress which helped provide for her family Grandpa's was the eldest child out of to and the son of... Grandma is the eldest child of 3 and the child of... Famous Australian Celebrity Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr was born in Sydney on April 20th 1983 and grew up Gunnedah in New South Wales her family; her mum Theresa, dad John and her younger brother Matthew Kerr. A recent photo of Miranda and her family When she was going to primary school her grandma use to picked her and Matthew up from school, and take them to their farm, where they would meet their cousin. “We spent our time on our grandparent’s farm with our cousins and the kids Nan used to babysit.”-Miranda They would ride motorbikes and horses, play dress ups, drive the old cars and climb trees, and they were some of her favorite memories. She used to spend lots of time hanging out with friends, singing, painting, dancing and having sleep overs. She always loved being with family and friends. As a child Miranda played lots of sports from Basketball, Netball and gymnastics an as she got older began to play touch football. Miranda has always been an active person and still is, every morning she does 20 minutes of yoga, and she does a ballet weights workout. Her occupation requires her to be in top shape and to be fit, healthy and strong inside and out. Miranda Kerr is an Australian model and has been in the business for 16 years. It all started when a friend secretly entered her into the 1997 Dolly magazine CoverGirl competition, and it was such a surprise for her to win. She thought she got to choose what she wore and what she did, so it was a shock to her of how modeling actually works. 1997 Dolly magazine CoverGirl competition Now she is a model at Victoria’s Secret, and she has been working for them for several years before becoming an angel in 2008 and she is still working with them. Miranda works with lots of charities such as the koala foundation, and she is now the ambassador of Kids helpline. She has also created a range of skincare products with her mum called Kora Organics which she developed in 2009 in Australia. Her idea is to inspire women to love themselves! Bernad Nolans Parent were... She says “Having growing up so close to nature in Gunnedah, however, I had learnt from an early age that changed is inevitable, though it can be painful.” Miranda says that being with people that love you is very important to her. She went through a hard time when she moved from Gunneduh to Brisbane her boyfriend Chris died in a car accident in 1999; this turned her world upside down. Chris will always be in Miranda's memory. Her little boy Flynn's middle name is Chris in honor of him. She became very depressed though luckly she had her family to help her through. She believes that we go through dilemmas in life to help us appreciate what life brings and helps us become better people. Here is someone who she loves to bits and inspires her. Her mother Theresa Naww!!! She is now has her own young family with her son Flynn (2) and is happily married to british actor Orlando Bloom. After the passing of Chris she focused on her school work and getting to know new people in Brisbane. The author Louise L. Hay has wrote some books that have helped her get through troublesome times. After graduating from high school she went to study nutrition and health psychology at the Academy of Natural Living near Cairns, Queensland, before she decided to do full time modeling. Then she decided to move to Sydney where she started her full time modeling. In 2005 she made the big move to New York and her modeling career has ascended since then. Why Did I Choose Miranda? I chose Miranda because she is a great role model and she is a huge inspiration to me. She promotes being happy, healthy eating, exercising and being the best you can inside and out. She promoted healthy eating that fortunately models have now caught onto, and she has great advice for loving yourself and being the best you can be. She wrote the book ‘Treasure Yourself’ to share her inspiration so people can treasure and believe in themselves. She is a beautiful person inside and out why not be inspired by her! “I love writing the script of my life”-Miranda Kerr She has recently been in a car accident, and has undergone an MRI, and is wearing a neck brace. Get Well Soon Miranda. XO I Hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot! Thank you so much for watching it to the end and not getting bored! THE END!!!
(finally) He also owned his own accounting business from 1966-1989. William Stanley Pickering Katherine Pickering & Reverend Charles Pickering Mary Jane Pickering He was a Baptist Priest then decided to become a Methodist. Mary was a daughter of a wealthy miner. He was a member of the Swan Hill Shire Council. After moving to Traralgon he died suddenly at the bakers feet. & Henry is the son of... William was the son of... George Lawrence & Rachael Lawrence James Micheal Nolan Katherine Nolan & She was a Pianist who played at functions, who won many awards in the small country town. He was a butcher, which was very important in the new pioneering town Philip Nolan Anne Nolan Her maiden name was Ryan and she came from Ireland in 1854. After marrying Anne they moved to Australia in 1854. & Arthur was the son of... James is the son of... Bibliography www.visitmelbourne.com 5/3/2012
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