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iPads in the Elementary Classroom

No description

Jenny Grabiec

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of iPads in the Elementary Classroom

By: Jenny Grabiec
jenniferr.grabiec@cms.k12.nc.us iPads in the Elementary Classroom Class Dojo

Teacher Kit iMovie Digital
Storytelling VoiceThread

Evernote Digital
Portfolio Popplet Lite Concept
Mapping iBooks Reading Classroom
Management Whiteboard Draw and Annotate I have apps...now what? ShowMe Skitch Doodle Buddy Notability Animoto Sock Puppets Puppet Pals http://j.mp/iPadUses Teacher Kit Class Dojo VoiceThread ShowMe Skitch Notability Passcode
Protect Personal Organizer
Track Attendance,
and behavior Take or Upload
Student ID Photos Backs up
to DropBox
(at home) iOS Only Import or
Export Data 100%
Free Easily award feedback
points for behavior in
class in real-time Create a
teacher account Secret code automatically generates for each student with a printable set of cards to pass out. Captures and
data on behavior Access from
PC and iOS email report

cards to parents $4.99/
in AVP No account
needed Create movie
or projects add themes,
songs and transitions import images into movie trailers save to camera roll and send to YouTube and Facebook FREE w/ paid upgrades No Account
Needed Directors Pass is $2.99
Includes ALL content Free app includes basic characters and backgrounds included in Directors Pass upgrade Save Videos to
Camera Roll No Account
Needed FREE w/ Upgrades Free version limits
-30 second video
-basic puppets,
and props Can share to YouTube and Facebook for free save to the camera roll
99 cent upgrade VIP Content Pass offers unlimited content for $1.99 Free
app Sign up for a free educator account
animoto.com/education (reapply each year)
save the promo code for students! Animoto Plus for Educators gives you unlimited full-length videos Use Gaggle mail to set up student accounts w/ promo code The promo code gives students
6 months of Animoto Plus Free No Student
Information Sign up for a teacher account on ed.voicethread.com FREE Create up to 50
250 MB of storage Students Create FREE
accounts with Gaggle
3 VoiceThreads
50 slides each
Unlimited voice
& text comments NO Limits on viewing,
listening or commenting
with FREE accounts FREE Accounts
25 MB per note
60 MB per month Insert Images, Video and Audio within a note. Record audio while taking notes Create accounts with Gaggle

Share notebooks with teacher

Free version: View shared notes
Paid Version: Edit notes No Account
Lite Version:
Create ONE Popplet Paid Version:
PDF Export Lite Version:
Email JPG or Save JPG to Camera Roll Find Free books!
Tap on
Top Charts
in iBookstore Create Collections of Books Built-in highlight
and note features Read-aloud features and VoiceOver No Limit

Create a FREE
teacher account Create your students' accounts
No email needed Set ShowMe to
personal or public Embed into Keynote
or Prezi All student activity linked to teacher account No Account Needed Save Images to
Camera Roll Built in Backgrounds, photos from camera roll as wallpaper Add text, draw and annotate Drawing
eraser Type text, annotate, draw shapes, crop and highlight. Email Skitch Images or Save to Camera Roll Login with Evernote account
to sync across devices http://j.mp/puppetpalexamples Documentaries Historical reenactments News reports on current events Record Science Experiments create environmental documentaries http://j.mp/imovieexamples
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