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Nathan & Austin

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Nathan & Austin

Types of Religion in Pennsylvania
The main religion in Pennsylvania at that time was Quakers (the society of friends). But they allowed other religions such as, Mennionites, Calvinists, and the Amish. Each were allowed to practice their religions freely.
The founder of Pennsylvania was William Penn Before the colony was founded the king did not appreciate Quakers. They believed that you should treat all people equally they did not fight in wars nor did they pay taxes to the church this gave the king an excuse to send Penn and his kind to the knew colony's. Pennsylvania was named after Penn, the Penn in Pennsylvania was for him and sylvania was named for woods, so pennsylvania is Penns woods
History of the colony
Type of jobs people had in Pennsylvania
There were many types of people in Pennsylvania. To name a few there were farmers, fishers, and merchants. Farms were small compared to plantations. The merchants would mostly trade with the natives. The fishers would do the most time at their job because fishing took a lot of time.
Types of economy in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania was very healthy. Philadelphia the site of the first and second continental congress in 1774 and 1775. It was also the second state to ratify the U.S. constitution.
Why Pennsylvania?
Once Peen reached the new world he named the capital Philadelphia which is greek for city of brotherly love. the colony its self was called Pennsylvania
Nathan Resio & Austin Eastman
First colonized by the Swedish and Dutch settlers in the 17th century, then the English took over in 1667. Before the europeans, it was settled by native american tribes. Most of the tribes were driven off or reduced to remnants. Pennsylvania played a big role in the american revolution. Philadelphia served as the nations capital for much of the 19th century.
Why you should settle in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania provides religious freedom for Quakers and other religions. We have plenty of farm land, sun, rain, and natural transportation. We live right next to a body of water called the Hudson river.
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