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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Titan's Curse

No description

Ryan Matthews

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Titan's Curse

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Titan's Curse
by Rick Riordan ~ student - Ryan Matthews

The Percy Jackson & The Olympians series exists in a world where Greek gods and goddesses are real! Many of these gods and goddesses mate with mortals, and when they do, their offspring are called half-bloods: half human, half god. That is what Percy and his friends are: half-bloods, children of the gods, which is why they have special abilities according to which god or goddess they are born from. To continue, these half-bloods have a special scent that attracts monsters. Therefore, they need protection. That's why Camp Half-Blood was set up: to provide protection to half-bloods within it's magical borders, as well as train them to fend for themselves when they're on their own. At Camp Half-Blood, the campers make allies with other half-bloods and learn to fight. Also, campers can be chosen to venture out on quests, such as the journey Percy and his group made in
The Titan's Curse
. However, half-bloods aren't the only ones that stay at Camp Half-Blood. There are also many mythical creatures there as well. For example, Chiron, the activities director at camp, is a centaur, half human, half horse. Plus, satyrs, a mix of human and goat, work for the camp as protectors by traveling to different schools and finding other half-bloods who haven't discovered who they are just yet. After they find a half-blood, they bring them back to Camp Half-Blood safely. Grover was Percy's protector, which is why they're such close friends now. Not only do satyrs help half-bloods, but they also search for Pan. Once a satyr proves their worth and earns their searcher's license, they may start searching all over the world for Pan, the god of the wild and ruler of the satyrs, who supposedly died thousands of years ago. The satyrs will not accept his death and believe that Pan is not truly gone. On the other hand, Kronos is coming back. Before there were gods, the Titans ruled. The Titan's offspring are the gods. The gods overthrew the Titans and destroyed them, gaining dominance.
The Main Characters
The Setting
The Titan's Curse
, Percy and his group travel through many different places throughout their journey. The main events of the storyline take place in New York and California, but they also stop to fight monsters or for other obstacles along the way. The four key places of the story were Camp Half-Blood in Long Island, New York (where they plan out and begin their quest and return in the end), San Francisco, California (where they consult Nereus, find the Ophiotauras, and discover their next destination, Mount Tamalpais), Mount Tamalpais in California (where the main battle of the book takes place against Atlas and Luke), and Mount Olympus, New York, above the Empire State Building (where they concluded the quest with the gods, returned the Ophiotauras, and partied). But they also went to other locations during their quest, such as the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Nevada, the Hoover Dam in Nevada/Arizona, and more! What a journey!
The Major Olympian Gods
*ZEUS ~ God of the Skies & Lightning - King of Olympus/ 1 of the Big Three
*POSEIDON ~ God of Water & the Seas - 1 of the Big Three
*HADES ~ God of Death & the Underworld - 1 of the Big Three
The Plot
The main characters, setting, and background are explained in the other sections above. Percy, Grover, Thalia, Zoe, and Bianca set off to defeat Kronos's general, Atlas, save Artemis, goddess of the hunt, and Annabeth, their friend/ally, and protect the Ophiotauras, an animal that, when sacrificed, grants the power to bring down Olympus and destroy the gods.
Percy and the group battle many monsters on their way to San Francisco, the location of Atlas, Artemis, and Annabeth. They sadly lost Bianca along the way. When they arive, they consult Nereus, who shows them the Ophiotauras. Grover volunteers to take the Ophiotauras back to Olympus to be protected. Percy, Thalia, and Zoe are directed by Dionysus to Mount Tamalpais. They face a dragon on their way up, where Zoe is injured, but they make it to the top. There, at the top of Mount Tamalpais, Artemis is holding up the sky at its meeting point with the earth, keeping it from crashing down.
Atlas, Luke (working for Kronos & Atlas), and Annabeth (held captive), meet Percy, Zoe, and Thalia at the top. Percy, Zoe, and Artemis defeat Atlas by tricking him. Percy holds the sky for Artemis while she helps Zoe battle him. Artemis slowly leads him over to Percy, then knocks Atlas over to Percy. Percy jumps out of the way, placing Atlas under the sky, forcing him to hold it up. Meanwhile, Thalia battles and defeats Luke. And finally, Annabeth is freed. Although neither Kronos nor Luke were killed, it was still a great victory... but there will be more to come.
Percy and his group/the gods vs
Kronos, his general,Atlas, and Luke + army
Ophiotauras vs Olympus
Unfortunately, Zoe's injuries from the dragon end her life after the battle on Mount Tamalpais. The rest of the group, along with Artemis, head back to Olympus to conclude their journey. They hold a meeting to set up protection for the Ophiotauras and congratulate and thank Percy and the group on their accomplishments. In addition, Thalia decides to join Artemis's hunting group, the Hunt. Afterwards, the gods throw a party on Olympus.
The Main Theme
Thalia goes with Artemis while Percy, Annabeth, and Grover return to Camp Half-Blood. There, they review their quest with Chiron. Percy breaks the news about Bianca's death to Nico, Bianca's younger brother. Nico doesn't take it well and unleashes his power. Percy realizes that Bianca and Nico must be children of Hades, god of the underworld, judging by their abilities. This new factor could play a huge role in the war with Kronos. They've got a whole new problem on their hands. Shortly after, Grover runs up in urgency and announces that he heard Pan, the lost god of nature and the wild, the one Grover has been searching for, speaking to him in his mind saying three simple words... "I await you."
Kronos, the leader of the Titans, was slashed into pieces and thrown into the pit of Tartarus. Now his body is reforming, growing stronger as more of his followers and allies form together. Even Luke, a son of Hermes who used to be a camper, joined Kronos's side. Soon his body will fully form, and he will return. If Kronos comes back, this could be the end of Olympus and the gods!
Percy Jackson -
Perseus (Percy) Jackson is the main protagonist of the series. Percy is a son of Poseidon with his jet black hair and deep green eyes. He carries a bronze sword named Riptide at his side as he uses it in battle because he is a very brave, courageous young hero. In
The Titan's Curse
, Percy is only fourteen years old, and most of his other friends and allies are around the same age. He is very compassionate and always watches out for those closest to him. And he secretly loves Annabeth.
Grover Underwood -
Grover, an emotional satyr (half man, half goat), is Percy's best friend. Grover is supposed to be Percy's protector, but sometimes it's more like the other way around. He is not a great fighter (considering his only weapons are the reed pipes), and normally Percy has to stick up for him. He's also often comforted by Percy when he is feeling down or crying. He's not exactly the smartest person- I mean satyr- you will ever meet, and he can be fairly anxious at times, but he also shares one of Percy's main qualities. Like Percy, he truly cares for those he loves and is willing to take the hit for them, such as how he took a swing from an enormous robotic giant they fought on their quest while distracting it so the rest of the group would have a chance to take it down.
Thalia Grace -
Thalia, daughter of Zeus, is a rebellious girl. She has black spiky hair and wears all-black, goth clothes. Her eyes are a glowing, electric blue as if she's ready to fry you with lightning at any moment. She has an attitude and can be dangerous when she's angry. When she gets mad at Percy, she usually ends up electrocuting him. She's a real tough cookie and great in battle. She fights with a spear and shield. However, she has a soft side too. For example, when she battled Luke on Mount Tamalpais, she cried, because she used to be great friends with Luke before he joined Kronos. On top of that, she's also afraid of heights, which is rather ironic for a child of Zeus, god of the
. Although she's a great friend of Percy's, at the end of the book she decided to join the Hunt with Artemis. She had to say good-bye.
Annabeth Chase -
Annabeth is Percy's crush, but there's just one problem: Annabeth is still in love with Luke, even though he joined Kronos. She believes there is still a chance to redeem him. This daughter of Athena is a genuis and wants to be an architect. She's very intelligent. She's normally the brains of the operation, but in
The Titan's Curse
, she's being held captive by Luke and Atlas, Kronos's general. Her eyes are stone gray under her curly, blonde locks. She can be cunning and clever, but also quite prideful.
Bianca di Angelo -
At first, Bianca was considerably stressed about taking care of her younger brother, Nico, and was unsure of herself. After she joined Artemis as a hunter, she became more confident. She's relatively quiet and kind and has dark, silky hair along with olive skin. Unfortunately, she didn't make it through the quest. When the group was in the junkyard of the gods during the quest, she picked up a toy she wanted Nico to have, even though they weren't supposed to take anything. As they were leaving, a huge metal giant emerged from the junkyard. She decided to sacrifice her life to destroy the giant since she was the one that caused it to attack. She hopped into a hole in the giants foot and was able to shut it down from the inside. It crashed into some power lines and fell apart. She was nowhere to be found. Bianca and her brother were later identified at the end of the book as children of Hades.
oe Nightshade -
Zoe is the lead girl of Artemis's hunters. She has copper-colored skin, a silver circlet braided into her dark, flowing hair, and her tall figure moves with grace. She speaks with some type of biblical accent, using words like thou, thee, and thy. She is the fifth sister of the Hesperides, a group of sisters who guard the garden of Hesperides (located on Mount Tamalpais and where Percy, Thalia, and Zoe evaded a dragon on their way up the mountain). The garden holds a tree with golden apples that belong to Hera, a goddess. The tree is well guarded by Ladon, a dragon with one hundred heads! Atlas is the father of Zoe and the Hesperides, but luckily Zoe didn't side with her father and join Kronos. In fact, she was disowned by her family when she gave Hercules a special weapon and helped him steal the golden apples. After she was banished, she joined Artemis and the Hunt.
She is a very skilled hunter and fighter in battle. She may be annoyed by Percy and Thalia sometimes, but she is still very loyal and friendly. She died a tragic death when she was slashed by the dragon in the garden and later passed away from the injury after the battle against Atlas and Luke.
Artemis -
Artemis, goddess of the hunt, appears WAY younger than she looks. She is a goddess, and of course all gods and goddesses are very old, yet look only around middle-aged. Nevertheless, Artemis looks merely thirteen years old. She prefers to appear that way for her hunters, because it is the average age of them all (the hunters are all young girls). She has a beautiful face, complimented by her auburn hair and eyes the color of the moon. She leads her hunting pack, a group of girls who shoot their bows and arrows with deadly precision. She was captured by Atlas, but later saved by Percy, Thalia, and Zoe.
APHRODITE ~ Goddess of Love & Beauty
APOLLO ~ God of Music, Prophecy, Medicine, & the Sun
ARES ~ God of War
ARTEMIS ~ Goddess of the Hunt & Moon
ATHENA ~ Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts, & Strategy
DEMETER ~ Goddess of Agriculture & the Seasons
DIONYSUS ~ God of Wine
HEPHAESTUS ~ God of Fire, the Forge, & Blacksmithing
HERA ~ Goddess of Marriage & Women
HERMES ~ God of Travel & Thieves, the Messenger of the Gods
With teamwork and cooperation, as well as friendship, you can overcome anything.
In the book, Percy and the whole group worked together as a team, and that allowed them to accomplish their goals. For instance, when Percy, Artemis, and Zoe were battling Atlas, Zoe weakened him with arrows as Artemis signaled Percy her idea while he held the sky for her. Artemis drew Atlas towards Percy and together they tricked Atlas under the sky's holding point, forcing him to hold the sky again (he's the original bearer). They couldn't have accomplished that feat if they hadn't worked together! Additionally, as they worked through their quest, their friendships grew stronger, and, as friends, they watched each other's back and looked out for one another. To illustrate, when the group was in the junkyard and the metal giant attacked, Bianca wanted to save the others, so she sacrificed her life to destroy it. A team of friends is unstoppable!
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