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what I like about school

No description

Christine Wallace

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of what I like about school

by aundria
All about me
what I like about school is
hanging out with friends
new more sports activities

new more fun

what i dislike about school
her name is jess and she is my dads friend daughter
the sports

the people

favorite hobby
How is my best friend
My favorite tv shows are
fulller house
full house
chacogo fire
chacogo med
chacogo PD

my role modle
is my cousin taylor. because she is is smart and trys so be good in school .she also is a very good dancer and trhat is what i am doing in hbigh schoool just like her because she is a very good dancer now after she went to ENSS dance club.
My favorite sport is
my favortie sport s soccer because it is very fun and u can go agenst diffrent teams
My favortie place to eat is
is lone star
the only thingi dont like about it is that it takes a long time to get your food
somthiung your did not know about me is that
is that i danced sence i was 3 and then i stoped when i was 5 and then i did hip hop when i was 6 and i kept on danceing and i still am.
The song i like right now
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