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Partner with spas to earn a 100K health coach income

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Jennifer Swalwell

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Partner with spas to earn a 100K health coach income

You will have a full-book of health histories to set yourself up for non-stop health coaching with the BEST salons and spas in your hometown. Follow this system to create the income level you desire and deserve!
Partner with spas to earn a 100K health coach income
ebook available when you partner with Jennifer Swalwell Sun. Contact: Jennifer_Swalwell@hotmail.com

Make the call!
Contact the business
Identify manager and owner
secure a face-to-face appointment

You have an appointment! Now what?
Share business plan
Explain programs
Share Proforma-Show them the money!
Close the deal
Phase 1
Define how the money will move
Educate & incentivize the staff
Establish scheduling and defined work space
Define who will provide marketing materials and consent forms
Define goals and how to measure success
Phase 2
Develop in-spa/salon marketing strategies
Engage Clientele with product samples, raffles, and prizes
Foundation: Identify a spa/salon that is a good fit
Identify an independent salon or spa

Research the spa's reputation

Research who the owner of the business is and how that person may be reached
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