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Living in a Fishbowl

No description

Medelia Garcia

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of Living in a Fishbowl

Living in a Fishbowl
What is the Fishbowl Concept?
All eyes are on you
Any place or situation open to observation by others
People know who you are and hold certain expectations and responsibilities to your role
The Power of Influence
Role modeling behavior
Be Yourself!
Be you, be real, just know your boundaries
Have fun while smart decision making
Prezi Information adapted from: "Living Life in A Fishbowl" by RWU training

What does that mean for us?
We always have to be aware of our actions and words
We are held to a higher standard
Residents look to us as role models
What changes will be made due to your RA position?
Your actions/words will become important to other people
Residents will rely on your for guidance
Your behavior/attitude will effect those around you
Returning residents will compare you to their past RAs
Your residents will look up to you
When in Doubt...
Will it come back to you in a negative spotlight?
Would you be able to tell your AC or Mollie about it?
Is it legal?
What are your resident's perceptions?
How can I avoid this situation?
Does this action show my personal values?
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