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Creating/ Redesigning your library website

A panel discussion SDLA Conference, September 2010

Wynne Nafus Sayer

on 1 October 2010

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Transcript of Creating/ Redesigning your library website

Design by Committee... In-House design Who is the website for? Rachel in HR likes Pink. Dave the Custodian hates Pink. The Patron. who really just wants to find out when the library is open on Saturday. "Let's Use Comic Sans" "I want the logo BIG" "It needs to be
FLASHY" "It needs more... ...something." "But Maggie is the Director, so the website should reflect her favorite fish, the salmon." a camel is a horse designed by committee. A designer or team hired within an organization to maintain all aspects of design the organization requires.

Experience may include the following types of projects: billboards, posters, newspaper advertising, logo, brochures, website, etc. "I don't know what I want, but I'll know it when I see it." "Can we have gold on our website, or will that cost us more?"
"We need something on the home page of our website. Maybe a yellow oval with tentacles."
http://xkcd.com/773/ I beg to differ.
Keeping up with the Trends... Building the Library Website... Creating OR Redesigning your library website:
a panel discussion Technical Support Outsourcing Hiring a designer or agency outside of an organization to create a project. Communication Costs Content Management Danielle Loftus, USD Wynne Nafus Sayer, SDSL Cindy Messenger, HSPL & DivaDev Peg Williams, PCL & Blogspot Use a blog! No Budget? HA HA HA. That was so funny I forgot to laugh. Perfect for the D-I-Y Librarian. "I don't need to know HTML - my blog does it all for me." A presence on the internet at the right price. "We get people from afar, especially historians, who stop in because they found us on the Internet" - Peg, Potter County Library. Adobe Dreamweaver/ Contribute When problems arise, the person with a solution is at hand (or down the hall). Staff who dedicates valuable time on working on the website; including pulling statistics and general maintenance. The organization will usually maintain the Hosting and Domain registration of the website. The Designer/ Team will already be familiar with the needs of the organization. If your organization has particular branding concepts, You should follow the rules so as to keep integrity and continuity. Remember... But what about Software? Content Management Systems What else is out there? And the other
website stuff? Hosting and
Domain Registration User Testing Statistics http://www.unshelved.com/2007-8-15 but many web trends are just that. trends. Still, Keep your eye on the future. Thank You! Wynne Nafus Sayer, SDSL Brenda Hemmelman, SDSL Stacia McGourty, SDSL Danielle Loftus, USD Peg Williams,
Potter County Public Library Cindy Messenger,
Hot Springs Public Library
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