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Creative Writing

No description

Visakh Krishna

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Creative Writing

aswin . d
art and power of words
introduct on
Creative Writer
Creative Writing
Group members :
aswin . d
A writer must be both humble and assertive .
Unless a writer can get himself noticed , he is nothing.
If a writer gets himself noticed by cheating , he is less than nothing.
A writer should know to , to be humble and should know to respect human difference , human privacy , human dignity and human pain.
By group 6
Creative writing means imaginative writing or writing as an art. It does use many skills .A novel may contain sociological, political, or psychological information. Scholars may study it for that information . No true novel is written to communicate facts.
A writer can start with ideas and make them the flesh and blood of the story, like Nathaniel Hawthorne does. He may also start with the flesh and blood and make them ideas, like Mark Twain does.
The writer makes use of all his senses to make the reader feel the flesh and blood vividly like the hollowness of footsteps in a street at night.
Anyone who is attempting to write must be able to express the qualities of things like their hardness, smoothness, , etc.
The writer must observe and communicate differing qualities of and nearly invisible signs in the eyes, mouth, hands and body by which people express their state of mind and emotion.
The writer should be able to create images in the minds of the readers using words.
Sometimes the writer can make the images both visual and auditory. They can also be tactile.
Creative writer has something to

1. You're more creative when you're tired .
2. Blue is a creativity-enhancing color .
3. Creatives tend to enjoy high risk situations .
4. Creatives tend to have mellow personalities because they have slower nerves .
5. Senior citizens who do creative projects age slower .
6. Exercise increases your creativity .
7. Traveling abroad spurs creativity .
8. Creativity can indicate promiscuity .
9. Studies show left-handed people are more creative .
10. Creatives tend to lie more often .
11. Clutter increases creative thinking .

Facts About Creativity
Only by means of words can the writer persuade a person of the truth in what he says or make anyone care about it.
Possession of a weapon does not make a warrior or hunter, but no one is a warrior or hunter without one.
The art of writing begins in the senses and is accomplished with words. Its end is communicated insight.
When writing is successful, it communicates insight to the reader with a pang, a heightened awareness, a sharpening of feeling, and a sense of personal exposure, danger, involvement, or enlargement.
The achievement of communicated insight unmistakably distinguishes the artist from the everyday user of words.
Creative writing begins in the senses, and No one lacking acute senses and the willingness to use them should pretend to literature.
Without senses the writer cannot create images, and images are his only means of making his reader hear and feel and see.
Images are both source and means. An image is crystallized by the perceptions of the writer, is converted into words like a cable message being unscrambled.
The creative writer is concrete—that is, he is bound to things of experience. However strongly he holds his ideas, he cannot express them in the way a philosopher or a social scientist does.
He does not deal in concepts or in formulated patterns of thought but in images and imitations. He is concerned with people, places, actions, feelings, and sensations.
a creative writer as an image maker
Creative writing means imaginative writing .
Unless a writer can get himself noticed, he is nothing.
The art of writing begins with senses and is accomplished with words.
Without senses the writer cannot create images.
The writer should be able to create images in minds of the readers using words.
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