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By Nancy Guevara & Brenda Henriquez

Brenda Henriquez

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Torticollis

Torticollis By Brenda Henriquez
& Nancy Guevara :) -The neck is twisted, the head is tipped to one side and the chin towards the other.
Congenital Torticollis- disorder is present at birth
-because fetus head is wrong; lack of blood/tissue (Wry Neck) Could be inherited by specific changes in genes.
Can be aquired when nerves/muscle in the neck are damaged.
Idiopathic Torticollis-When there is no known causes Symptoms
•Limited range of motion of head, Stiffness of neck muscles

•Headache,Head tremor, Neck pain

•Swelling of the neck muscles (possibly present at birth) Treatment & Prevention
No known prevention but early treatment can prevent worsen the cause.
- passive stretching and positioning is used for infants and small children.
- sucessful if started within the first three months of birth
- surgery can be needed if other treatments fail
- neck brace
- If it is acquired torticollis then it can be treated by first finding the cause.

Two types of medication
- Baclofen
- a injection of botulinum toxin that has to renewed every 3 months. treatment/Prevention
Passive stretching, positioning: treatments used for small children and infants.
Surgery,neck braces
injection of botulinum toxic repeated every three months; Baclofen.
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