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Zoo by James Patterson

No description

Lucien Petit

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Zoo by James Patterson

Book Citation
Patterson, James. Zoo. New York City: Grand Central, 2012. Print.
Zoo by James Patterson
In the climax of the book Zoo all of a sudden, animals start attacking people willy nilly.

The climax of a book is where a big thing happens, and it causes something really good/bad/neutral.
In the Exposition it explains who Oz is(the main character) and his girlfriend and other important characters.

The exposition is supposed to tell you about the setting and main characters.
Rising Action
The rising action in the book Zoo is really long. In it, Oz and his partners all try to figure out what Human-Animal Conflict (HAC) is. All the animals keep acting stranger and stranger.

The rising action is when all the problems and more build up until the Climax.
Falling Action
In the falling action of Zoo, they figure out whats causing it, and it is electricity disturbing the wildlife. They try to stop it by turning off all electricity.

The falling action is when all the pieces of a story fit together. Sometimes an answer to the problem can be found.
In the resolution of the book, the humans turn the power on because we are ignorant, and the animals cause an apocalypse, killing almost everyone. The End.

The resolution is where the problem is (Or isn't, in this case) solved if it hadn't already been solved in the rising action.
How does the Exposition effect the plot?
It affects the plot because it shows the characters and setting, and without these there would be no story.
How does the rising action effect the plot?
It affects the plot because
the animals start acting weird and Oz thinks that something bad is coming, and that shapes the entire plot of the book.
How does the
Exposition shape the plot?
It shapes it because all the animals start attacking people, causing the government to take action.
How does the falling action shape the plot?
It shapes it
thats when
they think they
solved HAC.
How does the
Resolution shape the plot?
It shapes the plot because HAC ends almost
all human life, which finishes up the plot of
the book.
The theme of the book is
that humans are ignorant
and that we learn from
our mistakes. Expect anything.
In the exposition, not much related to the theme happen.
In the rising action, the theme is that humans are ignorant. No one besides Oz realizes that the animals are acting strange and displaying extreme aggresion.
In the Climax,
the theme is that
anything can happen,
because all of sudden,
animals start attacking
people like crazy.
Not much
related to the plot
happens in the falling action.
In the resolution,
the theme is that
we learn from our mistakes because our need for technology caused an apocalypse.
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