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snow leopard


joey zhang

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of snow leopard

Snow Leopard! Scientific classification Thanks for watching Kingdom:Animalia Physical charateristics Well,maybe you could be wondering how does a snow leopard look like? If you are wondering, then look below this sentence.(^ ^) Diet After reading those two frames you could be really hungry now... maybe. Habitat Phylum:Chordata Class:Mammalia Order:Carnivora Family:Felidae Genus:Uncia Species:U.Uncia #1 They have broken spot marks #2 White fur on belly,chest and chin Binomal name is... Uncia Uncia First and last are the same. * #3 Really long tail almost as long as themsleves!*_* #4 Weight 60-120 Lbs #5Their feet are like snow shoes so they can walk easily on the snow. Lucky for you, I'm going to talk about it now. Snow leopards hunt sheeps and goats, their two important preys are the Blue sheep and the Asiatic ibex,but that not all they can eat. Snow leopards can also eat horses and young yaks they also eat a bit of grass, twigs and other vegetation.>.< In this frame, I'm going to talk about where snow leopards live. Some of the people may think they live in the zoo. (NOT REALLY!) The first thing is that snow leopards usually do not live in the zoo. (except for the breeding programs They lives in the mountains of Central Asia Their habitat extends to 12 countries Snow leopards are found in altitudes of 1000 meters Snow leopards prefer broken terrain of cliffs to sneak up on prey Reproduction Okay, this frame is where it talks about snow leopard...birth. Snow leopards have 1-5 cubs in their litter Their mating times are around spring and summer times. The mothers den is coated with fur In zoos, a snow leopard can have up to 7 cubs Movement Actually snow leopards don't travel in packs.You might be like WHAT!!!!!!!!! Snow leopard are individual animals they travel alone. They travel on 4 strong legs.(they can take down an animal 3 times their size.) Snow leopards move from place-to-place if they have to. (There are 4 interesting facts hidden in prezi.Find them!) snow leopards cannot roar. snow leopards have light green eyes. snow leopards has the biggest tail of the cats.Meow! Tai lung in Kung-Fu panda is a snow leopard Snow leopards can reach up to 40-50 mph How they chase prey Map of distribution The green area is the range of where it lives. Video Video so cute Diagram of a Snow leopard its eyes are suppose to be pale green or grey Bibliography google <http://exploringnature.org/db/detail.php?dbID=43&detID=991> youtube What did we do to impact them? Some people hunt snow leopards just for their furs, because the design is very beautiful and they costs for thousands of dollars. google http://redlight-eanimals.blogspot.ca/2011/03/snow-leopards-threatened-by-global.html Bones and body parts were used for Asian medicines Due to global warming snow leopards find it a lot harder to live. They are used to the cold and dry habitats. Snow leopards were on the endangered list since 1972 to 2012. They have been endangered for 2 generations google http://www.wildlywise.com/snow_leopard.htm OR Pathera Uncia How many are left in the world? google http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_leopard There are 6000 Snow leopards left in the wild. The answer to this question up here is: This has happened because many fashion designers have made snow leopard's furs into coats, jackets and other material. so sad:( google http://www.buzzle.com/articles/why-are-snow-leopards-endangered.html The 3 main threats is: Poaching Habitat Destrution Conflicts with Humans What would happen if they are extinct If the snow leopards were extinct, then the food chain and the ecosystem would be broken. The population of the Snow leopard's prey will grow in number.Untill another predators replace its position. Therefore, herbivores will overpopulate as a result the population of plants decrease, then less oxygen produced by plants for us to breathe. What are people doing to help the snow leopards? People can help fundraise or donate money to the organizations that help Snow leopards.

They refuse to buy any products that come from Snow leopard. For example, furs, chinese medicines which contain the bones and organs of snow leopards.

Some of the organizations educate people how serious that the snow leopard becomes extinct.
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