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Wordly wise

No description

Ariell Daley

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Wordly wise

Wordly Wise
Helps you know new words and teaches you to know them when it is time to use them in thereal world
Vocabulary Words
Exhibit- to show public
Ferry- a boat that carries people and goods back and forth across a stretch of water
immigrant- a person who comes into a country to live there
lofty- very tall or high
pedestal- a base or supoort on which something stands
persecute- to treat cruelly or harshly because of political, religious, or other diferences
poverty- the state of being poor
unveil- to removea covering from

1A: Finding Meanings
1. d/c 2. b/d
3. b/d 4. a/d
5. b/c 6. b/c
7. b/c 8. c/b
9. c/a 10. b/d
1B: Just the Right Word
1. immigrants
2. ferry
3. pedestal
4. unveiled
5. declaration
6. appeal
7. contributed
8. eloquence
9. conspicuous
10. affecton
1C: Applying Meanings
1. a,c,d
2. a,c,d
3. a,b,c,d
4. c,d
5. b,d
6. a,c,d
7. a,d
8. c,d
Lesson 1 Vocabulary Words
Affection- a fond or tender feeling.
Appeal- to make an earnest request.
Clasp- to grasp or hold tightly
Conspicuous- Easily or plainly seen
Contribute- to give along with others who are giving
Delcare- to make knonto state openly
Eloquent- skilled at speaking or writing having the power to move people.
Wordly wise
1D: Word Study
3.show/ exhibition
Lesson 2A
Pass Papers To The Front
1. b/c
2. b/d
3. d/c
4. a/d
5. b/d
6. d/a
7. c/d
8. b/a
9. d/c
1. boycott 7.detained
2. campaigning 8.violated
3. ceremony 9.segregation
4. integrated 10.vacated
5. verdict 11.custody
6. degrade
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