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The Pros and Cons of Seaworld

No description

Sam Blizard

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of The Pros and Cons of Seaworld

By: Sam Blizard
The Pros and Cons of Seaworld
In 1961, the technology was built to capture whales.

In 1970, Sea world captured over 90 whales. They were all kept in a 3 acre net until loaded on trucks and sent to Sea world.

Dr. Terry Newby, head of capturing whales from Sea world, confesses: "Explosives and speedboats were used to capture the whales...Sea world violates permits to capture whales."
In 1964, Milton C. Shedd, Ken Norris, David Demott, and George Millay wanted to open the first resteraunt in San Diego to view all sorts of marine life including whales.

When they realized that the whales were a popular attraction, they scrapped the idea of the resteraunt and had to find cheap whales to save money for the park. This cheap and unsafe way of getting whales never ended.
Social: Whales attract people to the parks increasing the demand for more animals.

Economic: Profits from park go back to the park, not for animal care.

Environmental: Encourages the hunting of marine life, decreases the overall population of whales and separates families.
Protest: It has been protested to stop selling discounted tickets in universities, protests at the gate as whales have been transferred, etc.

Laws: Orca Welfare and Safety Act: California is pushing an online petition to ban holding whales captive at sea world.

Blackfish: Blackfish inspired California's movement. It was a movie about how corrupt sea world is.
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What is the issue?
- Sea world capture whales from the oceans to put them in tanks, separating families.

- Once there, they train whales to perform and look happy for an audience when they live in terrible conditions.
- Whales are masterbated for sperm

- If Whales obtain sunburns, its covered with Black Zinc and can cause infection

- Sea world makes dorsal collapse caused by catching whales seem natural to the public.

- Trainers learn to perform with whales, they are not biologists.

- Whales life spans are greatly shortened.

Who and When
Picture from Sea Worlds website.
-Convenient animal research

- People learn to appreciate nature

- After living in captivity, whales will not be able to live on their own.
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