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Embedded Assessment 1

8th grade ELA-Definition Essay

Keah Humphrey

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Embedded Assessment 1

Embedded Assessment 1
Definition Essay
Mrs. K. Humphrey In this presentation we will walk through the steps to being
successful on your first embedded assessment. Take notes and you can use the notes on your assessment! Assignment: Write a multi-paragraph (5-6)
essay defining your concept of heroism. Use
three (3) strategies of definition to explain your
unique opinion of the concept.
example Function- What does a hero do? Think about common actions and traits of heros? As you study tonight revisit your first definition essay. Add to these ideas using info from poems, movies, and essays that we have examined throughout this first half of the unit. Ex. President Obama is a hero because he inspired young African Americans to push for their dreams and never to give up. Example: Who are some heroes that really stand out in your mind? Do not just list them, but tell why they are heroes. A hero never gives up. He is not selfish and does not let fear stop him from achieving the ultimate goal. Negation: Define a hero by explaining what he is not. Start with a strong description, quote, or question.
Do you have a hero?
Add a sentence that connects the audience to your essay (something familiar).
All of us have had a childhood hero and many of us have found heroes who we interact with every day.
Give your thesis (main idea).
A hero can be defined by how he lives, the example he sets, and even by what he chooses not to do. Every essay must have a killer introduction. This is where you grab the reader's attention and hook them into your story. Conclusion: The end of your essay is just as important as the beginning.
Remember to restate your thesis.
A hero can be defined by his actions, the example he sets for others, and by the choice he makes to do what is right.
At the end the reader is wondering "So What? Answer that question and include a clincher.
Since you know what a hero is now, look around and appreciate the ones that you see every day. That's all folks!
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