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draft Survey Presentation EDs

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on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of draft Survey Presentation EDs

Where & how
with your tribe?
What to ask - Goals
What do you want to know?

Be specific
Something they can answer
Something you want to measure
Creating Questions
Be Specific
Keep it Simple
Meaningful & Helpful
Easy to answer/interpret
Creating Questions
Leading questions
Neutral Wording
Order of questions
Compile Answers
5 Steps for Surveys
1. What to ask - goals
2. Create questions
3. Distribute
4. Gather & Compile
5. Implement
Implement Results

Now it's up to you - what to do with the results?

Meaningful questions lead to useful results

How does this answer fit your goal for doing this survey (step 1)

Specific feedback from specific questions

Compile Answers
Putting it all together
How Distributed
Paper – enter into survey tool
Spreadsheet Formulas & Charts
- Excel
- Libre Office
Online tool interface
How do you want to read it?
What Next?
What can you do better
listen to comments
What new programs should you try
new impacts to consider
What are you doing well now
market that!
Where your supporters find you
engage with them there
Using Surveys To
Improve Your Organization
And Measure Results

Gail Friday
Helping you change the world,
one project at a time.

www.gailfridayus.com (802) 780-0091
What are you doing with the information?

Change something
Measure impact
Reward excellent employees
Potential Problems
Creating Questions
Types & Uses
Rating Scale

Multiple Choice/One Choice
Online service
Form online
Fillable pdf
Where to ask survey
Share with partner
Partner shares
Trade suggestions
Pick your top 3
Team Up
How do you want to read the results?

What did your customers tell you?

How many responses?
Client/Donor Satisfaction Planning & New Ideas
Marketing Effectiveness Program Evaluation

How effective was our literacy program? Did we change people's reading habits?
How many people did we reach? How much did people benefit from our programs?
What is our scope - active individual participants or community-wide impact?
What other programs would people benefit from/participate in?

How do people find out about us?
How do our supporters prefer to keep updated about news and events?

Which donor strategies are working?
Which ones should we put more effort into?
Measuring Impact & Participant Satisfaction

How satisfied are you with the books available?
Not at all satisfied - Not very satisfied - Somewhat satisfied - Very satisfied -Extremely satisfied

Did the number of books available meet your expectations?
Not at all - Not really - Somewhat - Very much - Definitely

Will you read more books than you have in the past?

Yes - No

How many books did you read in the year before the program?
1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 more than 10

How many books will you read in the next year?
1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 more than 10

How convenient was the bookmobile schedule?
Not Convenient 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 Very Convenient
Organization and Donor Questions

How did you hear about us?
(Checklist - multiple choice)
Website, friend, newspaper, twitter, facebook, word of mouth, Common Good Vermont, community group, other

How do you want to keep updated about news and events?
Email list, website, e-newsletter, twitter, facebook, other

How likely are you you recommend our program to others?
Unlikely - Somewhat Likely - Extremely Likely

How much do you know about how your donation is used?
Very much - Some - Very little

Are you satisfied with how much you know about how your donation is used?
Extremely - Very - Somewhat - Not Very - Not At All

What do you know about how your donation is used?
Buying books - Bookmobile repair - Literacy training - School programs -

Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree
Existing ways connect
outreach - existing
email list
program participants
New ways to connect
outreach - new efforts
school events
Compiling Results
Online links & paper surveys
at events
before and after programs
community outreach

Online only
website, social media, email

to file and/or

online tools
Not at all...Somewhat...Extremely
How did you hear about us?

#1 answer Google search
Implement = Add your farm to Google maps. Consider Google Ads

How do you want to keep updated about farm events?
#1 answer e-newsletter
Implement = spend more time improving e-newsletter

If we offered farm stays, would you stay with us?
80% said Extremely Likely
Implement = If you can do it, go for it!

Have you found our staff welcoming and helpful?

Not at all -
70% Somewhat
- Very much so - Extremely
How welcoming and helpful were our staff?

Poor - Fair -
70% Good
- Great - Excellent
Implement = evaluate & spend more time on customer service training for staff

Have any of our staff gone above and beyond to make your visit better? ________
Implement = Tell them. Have them mentor new staff.
How satisfied are you with the PYO strawberries?
Early season answers = 10% Not very satisfied - 50% Somewhat satisfied
Implement = plant more early season strawberries
Late season answers = 20% Very satisfied - 75% Extremely satisfied
Implement = doing great! Keep as is.

How would you rate the jelly you purchased at the farmstand?
Not Flavorful 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 Very Flavorful
Low Value 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 Excellent Value

Of our jellies, which is your preferred flavor?
30% Strawberry, 30% Raspberry, 20% Strawberry-Apple, 15% Applebutter, 5% Apple Mint
Please tell us your preferred flavors
Rank each flavor as choice # 1 (first choice), 2, 3, 4 or 5 (last choice)
Strawberry, #2 Raspberry, #3 Strawberry-Apple, #4 Applebutter,

Apple Mint

Implement = Make more Strawberry. Maybe make more Raspberry.
Consider discontinuing Apple Mint
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