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By Meg Rushton, Rosa Patel and Anita Monserrat

Anita Monserrat

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Complicite

Complicite By Meg Rushton, Rosa Patel and Anita Monserrat Examples of their work Practical Introduction Characterisation Excercise So What Now? Many of the exercises developed and regularly used by Complicite are
to develop their students’ skills in devised theatre and outcomes from a collection of these exercises are potentially used as a base for a whole production, by drawing together thoughts and ideas.

These are mostly based around long periods of exploration of the students’ character or using large props as stimuli, but as we don’t have much time to do this, we thought we’d just pick the fun ones instead!

All the exercises we are showing you are from an online teachers resource pack from Complicte’s website; so everything’s official! As we mentioned before, Complicite
are all about creating three dimensional characters, but through a long planning and thought process.

They also use many stimuli, mostly paintings and maybe music, but today we’re going to use random objects.
So... Now you have your thing, think of the first adjective that
comes into your head when you see it. This is going to be your character’s main personality trait.

With just this information about your character, we’re going to pick on a few of you at a time and put you in random situations. These could be in close proximity with each other or a very normal scene, to test how special awareness affects your acting improvisation ability. A disappearing number •It was performed in 2007 by the Théâtre de Complicité company and directed by Simon McBurney.
•The show was in collaboration with Theatre Royal, Plymouth.
•It was inspired by two mathematicians, and their findings about the Indian Diaspora (the movement of people from their homeland).
•The play has two narratives, one in the present day about a girl and her husband, who are travelling to India and the other about the mathematicians in 1910. How do Complicite Work? Complicite think differently about each production. They consider that things are to be learnt from people both onstage and offstage.

All the work that Complicite does leads towards the actors working instinctively and intuitively.

The team are prepared to improvise their way out of any situation. This makes their work exciting and different and means that they work exceptionally as a team.

In rehearsals, they frequently refer to rhythm as a devising technique. They find a beat which is used to maintain the flow of improvisation, as they think it is important to work with a beat so that they can see where a rhythm is dropped or a cue is not picked up. What is Complicite Complicite is a theatre group based in London.

It has been led by Simon McBurney – a British actor, playwright and director – since 1983, which was when it was founded.

Their productions involve a wide use of techniques, such as technology and lyrical or philosophical contemplations of themes. How do Complicite Work? When Complicite start rehearsing for a new production, the responsibility for creating the work is taken on by the whole company. This includes performers, directors, designers, stage managers, writers and many others.

Complicite have a long process of exploration allows the performers to really let their imaginations and bodies go free – so that they find an approach as a company.

Each show requires a different response from the company, and each is created in a different way. But each show grows out of play and improvisation. Complicite's Work Complicite are an international touring company within the UK, and do many performances on a wide variety of pieces.

Their most well-known piece is “A Disappearing Number”.

It was a devised piece based on a true story between a collaboration of two mathematicians. It toured internationally as one of their most successful plays.

They have also done productions of ‘Street of Crocodiles’, ‘The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol’, ‘Mnemonic,’ ‘The Elephant Vanishes’, ‘A Dog’s Heart’ and ‘The Master and Magarita’ QUICK! GRAB A
THING! We hope you enjoyed our presentation and thanks for watching! Oh, and by the
way, you only have one minute per scene… so make it interesting!
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