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American Sign Language

This presentation informs the reader of information regarding American sign language. It discuss some similarities and differences between it and other forms of language, and even provides a way to gather and learn more information.

Darion Patterson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of American Sign Language

American Sign Language A Little Background Comparison to Other Languages Why Sign? Complete and complex language uses hand gestures, facial expressions and relies on body language First language for many deaf persons Fourth most common language in the U.S. ASL only uses one hand to sign alphabet Spoken language relies heavily on tones emphasis placed on sight n ASL ASL is varies regionally like English does British sign language uses two hands to sign alphabet Many states have passed laws recognizing
ASL as a natural language Colleges and Universities accepting ASL to fulfill language requirement The need for interpreters has increased due to common main streaming of heraing impared students More employers looking for applicants who can sign
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