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New Jersey Colony

No description

Cynthia Hamlett

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of New Jersey Colony

Come to the wonderful colony of New Jersey! New Jersey Colony -Important battle ground state during Revolutionary War
-First settlements by Dutch
-First colonial history started in 1609 when Henry Hudson sailed through Newark Bay
-Hudson was British, but worked for the Netherlands, so he claimed land for dutch
-The land that he claimed was called the New Netherlands New Jersey Colony History -The New Jersey Concession and Agreement document stated NJ colony people would receive a choice of free religion in NJ colony
-Document stated that all things colonists need and should acknowledge by relating to their religion
-Leading state in manufacturing
-Early religion was Anglican, Puritan, Quaker, and Calvinist
-NOW protestant! Target Resident Profile -Sir George Carteret granted a new form government called “Concessions” that granted religious liberty to Englishmen in New Jersey colony
-Farm - free for five years was offered to anyone “having a good musket.....and six months’ provisions Government Religious Profile -Early religion was Anglican, Puritan, Quaker, and Calvinist
-Now Protestant
-Free religion in New Jersey colony -Most people lived in a rural community and grew crops that were their own food
-Men would hunt and fish for family food Economic Profile Map of New Jersey Colony More Resident Profile -Founded in 1664 because it taken over by King’s proprietors avoiding to have dutch take it over
-Religious freedom - people moved there because they wanted to choose what religion they wanted to be -Government was to be carried on by governor, council, and assembly of twelve to be chosen
-No taxes were to be laid without consent of assembly :) More Government Would you like your religion to be whatever you choose?...then come to the New Jersey Colony!!! If you are a protestant than you would probably like to come to the New Jersey colony right now!! Because now the religion is protestant. The government in the New Jersey colony would probably want to make you come here...You will have a religious freedom!!! -Popular foods - roast meat, stews, succotash, and clam chowder

-Most people were puritans
-They liked to make music and dance More Economic Profile By Cynthia Hamlett and Chloe Willie
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