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Eating etiquette

No description

Lisa Herold

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Eating etiquette

What is dining etiquette?
"But knowing what the etiquette rules are
won't just save you from some awkward situations [...] It's really a statement of your openness and awareness of the fact that the people you're with...may in fact see the world differently," Dean Allen, author of the
"Global Etiquette Guide" No sounds Move head to dishes No elbows on the table Swallow first Major Rules: only use for
your mouth
put it to left never cut your bread Food from left Drinks from right Never cut potatoes! Use fork
insted nor lettuce Major Rules: slurp noodles

do not rest chopsticks vertically in rice

never turn over the fish do not cut noodles

always order an even number of dishes

tea tapping is a must Watch the teapot

Don't tap bowl

Share food In Japan
you are not supposed
to say
"chin chin" for a toast Please,
don't burp. Don't pour
soy sauce
everywhere. In the eye of the beholder.
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