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Haroun and the sea of stories

No description

Katie Young

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Haroun and the sea of stories

Study Guide Haroun and the Sea of Stories BY; Katie Young and Sammy Goyette This chapter takes place in the the country of Alifbay, in the city that is so sad that it forgot its name. A family of three, Rashid Khalifa, Rashids wife Soraya Khalifa, and there son Haroun Khalifa live in this city. One day Haroun's mother Soraya, who loved to sing, stopped singing. Rashid was so busy with his career of telling stories that he hadn't noticed. Soraya became so upset that she left with the man upstairs. Soraya left at 11;00. making her son not able to do anything past 11 minutes. Rashid could no longer tell stories. Every time he went to tell a story, nothing came out. Rashid was invited to preform in the town of G near by the valley of K, Rashid decided to go seeming that it was glumly raining all the time. The town of G and the valley of K was said to be the most fascinating place, so off they went. Unfortunatly once they where there and Rashid went up to the stage, he could not find the words of his stories even though they where no longer in the nameless city. People of the town of G where not pleased, but Rashid promised to make it up to them in the valley of K. Off they went to the valley of K Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 3 Summary Haroun pushed through the crowd towards to balcony where his father stood with prince Bolo, general Kitab and the King. When Haroun got to the Balcony he shouted to his dad first asking what on earth he was doing here then to everyone else telling them that he is not a spy but only his father. The whole crowd looked at Haroun in amazement. Prince Bolo order one of the pages named blabbermouth to show Haroun to his room while they question his father. Rashid told everyone his story of how he wished in his dream to be here in the gup city but he ended up on the twilight strip and while he was there he witnessed princess batcheat being kidnapped. meanwhile blabbermouth led Haroun through all sorts of halls and passage-rooms. On there way blabbermouths hat is knocked off and Haroun discovers that blabbermouth his a girl not a boy. Blabbermouth explains that girls are not aloud to be a page so he needs to keep his mouth shut. Blabbermouth brought Haroun up to the roof top of the palace and showed Haroun her hidden talent of juggling, juggling so many balls that it reminded Haroun much of his father juggling stories. When Haroun woke up many hours later he was in a huge room but what he noticed first was blabbermouths hands around his neck. blabbermouth was simply reminded him not to say a word. Then blabbermouth was off to line up for war. Chapter 6 Summary Haroun travels with the Land of Gup's army. The army is traveling to the twilight strip to seek revenge on the Chupwalas for kidnapping their princess and polluting the sea of stories. The army has a way of ranking their soldiers, the lowest rank in the army are known as the pages. The middle class rank in the army are known as the Chapters, and the highest ranked members in the army are known as Volumes. As the army enters the twilight strip, they move to a small open space, where they see a man who looks "almost like a shadow and who held a sword whose blade was dark as night." (Page 123). As they approach, they see that this is a man fighting his own shadow. Chapter 7 Summary The people of Chup do not feel the same as their leader, Khattam Shud. They would much rather have peace, and happiness but their ruler controls everything. The Chupwalas live their lives in fear, which is why nothing changes. Khattam Shud's black magic has made his shadow separate from him. His shadow may go wherever it wishes, if the Guppies defeat Khattam Shud himself, they defeat his shadow too. The Guppie army decides that they need to try to get Princess Bacheat back from Khattam-Shud's before they go to the Old Zone to try to save the Sea of Stories. Haroun volunteers to go spy on Khattam-Shud in the Old Zone. His reasoning for volunteering is "All my life I've heard about the wonderful Sea of Stories, and Water Genies, and everything... it turns out it may be too late, because the whole Ocean's going to be dead any minute if we don't do something... As I say I only just started believing in the Ocean, but maybe it isn't too late for me to do my bit."(Page 137). Prince Bolo is so incredibly surprised and says "is this not the perfect fellow for the job? For he is, like me, a slave of Love." (Page 137). So Haroun, Mali the Gardener, Butt the Hoopoe, Iff the Water Genie, and the Plentimaw Fish all start their journey towards the Old Zone. As they are sailing along their journey, the water becomes too poisonous for the Plentimaw Fish to continue on, so they stay behind. The path they are taking starts to become harder and harder to get through, so Iff makes a path in front of them, and suddenly they get trapped under a net, called the Web of Night. Chapter 8 Summary They are getting pulled in to darkness, the water becomes more and more poisonous as they move closer and closer to the darness. They all believe that their journey is over and they have failed. But instead they reach a huge ship. Haroun and Iff are led onto the ship, but Butt the Hoopoe is held behind. And Mali was nowhere to be seen. As they look back they see that men have taken out the circuit box in his brain and he just lay there, limp. Then Iff hands Haroun a bite-a-lite, a small tube shaped figure that will let out two minutes of light. They continue walking on the ship and looking around, they see huge cauldrons on the deck, all containing the poison. Haroun and Iff are pushed in front of a set of doors, as the doors are pushed open, "a skinny, scrawny measly, weaselly, snivelling, clerical type, exactly like all the others." (Page 153) came out and all of the Chupwalas on the ship began to bow at him. This was Khattam-Shud. Haroun can not help but to notice that the edges of Khattam-Shud looked rather blurry, this was the shadow of Khattam-Shud. The cult master looks at Haroun and asks "What brought you up here, eh?" (Page 155). Haroun responds with "Stories I suppose."(Page 155). Khattam- Shud then proceeds to say "Well look where stories have landed you now... You'd have done better to keep your feet on the ground but you had your head in the air. You'd have done better to stick to Facts, but you were stuffed with stories... Stories make trouble. An Ocean of Stories is and Ocean of Trouble." (Page 155). Haroun recognized him and he thought it was Mr Sengupta, the man who took his mother away. Khattam- Shud commanded his men to bring them through the doors. Chapter 9 Summary As Haroun and Iff are lead into the interior of the ship, there is nothing but darkness. Then the cultmaster turns on a switch adding a small amount of light. Now they could somewhat see, but all of the Chupwalas were putting on their dark glasses. There are machines "far too complicated to describe" all around them. Khattam-Shud explains to them that the use of these machines is to ruin each story, but each type of story had to be ruined differently. "To ruin a happy story, you much make it sad. To ruin an action drama, you must make it move too slowly. To ruin a mystery you must make the criminals identity obvious even to the most stupid audience. To ruin a love story, you must turn it into a tale of hate. To ruin a tragedy you must make it capable of inducing helpless laughter." (Page 160). Then they proceeded to be shown to where the plug was being built. The plug was located underneath the ship, and stream of stories was there, more and more new stories kept coming out at all times, but if there was a plug no more stories could be made up or put into the sea of stories. Then they come across a lilac- colored flower, Mali was still alive. Then all of a sudden, Mali swoops in the ship and before the Chupwallas are able to turn on the dark bulbs, Mali is able to locate the generator. He wraps himself around the generator, getting in every crack and crevice. The generator stops. Everything stops. Haroun Bites the Bite-a-lite and allof the Chupwallas are blinded, all screaming. Haroun goes for Butt the Hoopoe's brain box and ran to get the protective clothing needed to dive down to the plug. He dives down but realizesthat he could save the Ocean of Stories if he removed the plug. But it was far too large, the he remembers he had the wish water! So he swims back up to where Butt the Hoopoe is lying, and he plugs in his brain box. Then he drinks the wish water and said "I wish this moon, Kahani, to turn so that it is no longer half in light and half in darkness . . . I wish it to turn, this very instant, in such a way that the sun shines down on the Dark Ship, the full, hot, noonday sun." (Page 170-171) Then his wish came true! The ship, and every Chupwalla in and on the ship were all shadows, all became to melt. They started to head home. But Butt the Hoopoes brain was broken and could not bring them back. Chapter 10 Summary The war with the rest of the army, to save princess Batcheat continues on for not much longer, until a band of ambassadors from the land of Chup carrying a white flag of truce. Then the ambassador tells them that princess Batcheat has been torturing all of them with her singing and he has had to entertain her his his juggling. So the ambassador starts to demonstrate his juggling, and while doing so he adds in a bomb. But Blabbermouth notices and catches it, and throws it over a cliff as it explodes. Blabbermouth's head gear falls off and her hair falls down for everyone to see she is actually a female. The organization of the Guppees pays off for them in the battle, but the Chups lack of communication does harm them immensely. And the Guppees win the war. Prince Bolo searches for Princess Batcheat and finds her singing, he thinks her singing is beautiful, while everyone else does not. Then all of a sudden, the moon of Kahani begins to spin and the ground start to shake and then the Great Statue of Bezaban falls onto Khattam-Shud and he is killed. Peace has been declared. The new ruler of Chup is Mudra. Blabbermouth becomes the interpreter and ambassador for the two lands. When Haroun and his men arrive back, they each are looked up to as heroes. "Iff was named chief Water Genie; Mali was names Head Floating Gardener; and Goopy and Bagha were appointed leaders of all the Plentimaw Fishes in the Sea." (Page 192). Butt the Hoopoe got his brain back to normal. Haroun got to be back with his father. Princess Batcheat and Prince Bolo got married. Then Haroun was called forth by the Walrus because he wanted to speak to Haroun for destroying so much machinery. Chapter 11 Summary Chapter 12 Summary Things To Remember -Way the Guppies army is organized
-What the guy they initially saw was.
-Why the Guppies are going to war with the Chupwalas.
-What they have to enter in order for them to reach the land of Chup. Things to Remember -what the Guppies need to accomplish
-Who volunteers to go spy on Khattam-Shud and why
-Who goes on the journey to the Old ZOne. Things to Remember -Whose brain the men from the ship removed.
-What a bite-a-lite is.
-Khattam-Shud's resonse to Haroun. Things to remember -What time Soraya left Rashid and Haroun
-What town and valley Rashid and Haroun went to
-What talent Rashid lost Summary Chapter two starts with Rashid and Haroun arriving at the bus stop. At the ticket booth there is a fight for the tickets. Rashid has no other choice but to jump in on the tussle. While Harouns father was fighting for there ticket to the valley of K, he noticed dust clouds rolling back and forth form bus to bus. Haroun caught on to the game that the bus drivers where playing with the people. One bus would start his engine and everyone would hurry to that bus thinking that it was leaving then the next bus would start there engine and everyone would scurry to that bus and so on. When Haroun expresses his disgust, a bus driver by the name of Mr. butt who looked a lot like a bird over heard Haroun and grew a great liking for him. Mr. Butt offered Haroun his Services, Haroun ask Mr. Butt if he could drive his father and him to the valley of K. When Mr. Butt agrees they are on there way. Mr. Butt drives so extremely fast that Rashid and Haroun begin to feel unsafe. When they arrive to the valley of K they are greeted by a very important man (someone who was running in the upcoming election) The very important man, Mr. Buttoo showed Rashid and Haroun to the dull lake. When Haroun gets to the Walrus' office, he soon gets told that they were not actually mad for the machinery, but very proud and were only playing a joke on him. The Walrus tells Haroun that he can have anything he wishes for and Haroun wishes to be have a happy ending. So Haroun and his father hop on Butt the Hoopoe who can travel through time and space, and brings them to Arabian Night plus One, where Haroun and his father both fall asleep in their beds. The next morning they wake up and Haroun finds an envelope with Butt the Hoopoe inside. His father is going to speak, to tell a story, again. To try to convince the people of the town that voting for Mr. Buttoo wasn't so bad after all. Last time he did this he got to the stage and all he could say was "ark ark". Except this time, he remembers the whole story and he retells it perfectly, his words are clear. The story he told was Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Haroun and Rashid head back home to where they had lived before, where everyone was always sad. But when they got there Haroun started to dance and it was raining, and the Rashid started to dance and soon, everyone was dancing, the rain was happy ending droplets. Haroun and Rashid Khalifa lived happy ever after in their happy town. Things To Remember -What Haroun got in the envelope.
-What Haroun wanted when he could have anything from the Walrus.
-What the story Haroun and the Sea of Stories was about. Things to remember -The bus drivers name who looked like a bird
-The name of the very important man waiting for them in the valley of K
-What lake did they arrive at Summary Once they are loaded onto a boat that was shaped as a swan Haroun noticed something odd about the lake. Everyone on the boat was feeling angry or sad, and the lake would get worse when someones mood got worse. The conditions that where being created where not conditions good for boating so Haroun did something about it. Haroun calmed everyone down to the point where the lake was as calm as could be. When they arrived at the house boat called the Arabian Nights Plus One Haroun and Rashid where showed to there rooms. Rashid could not get comfortable in his bed shaped like a peacock and Haroun could not get comfortable in his bed shaped like a turtle. Rashid and Haroun switched beds but as soon as Haroun started to get settled in he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. He got up and crept over to the door in his red nightclothes with purple patches. When he saw the cause of the noise he was astonished as what he saw. A genie coming to fix a sink? Haroun swung open the bathroom door and snatched the connector tool from the genies hand not knowing what it was at the time. The genie explained to him why he was in his bathroom and what he was doing. the genie named iff was disconnecting the flow of stories to Rashid because he has requested it. Haroun refused to give iff his connector tool back and decided that he wanted to go with the genie to talk to someone that could get his dads story telling abilities back. Things to remember -what determined the state of the lake
-who calmed the lake
-what the name of the house boat
-who was in Harouns bathroom The genie told Haroun to pick a bird to be there ride to the sea of stories where Haroun could talk to the Walrus who would help him get his dads stories back. Haroun picked the Hoopoe and they where on there way. They began to travel so fast into the sky that Haroun debated that they bird he had chosen was even a real bird. They arrived at the sea of stories, and when Haroun saw all the colors of the colors of different streams flowing together his breathe was taken away. Iff the genie and buttoo the bird told Haroun to look for the most bright spot, that would be where the wish water is. Haroun spotted some wish water and they went to it. Iff took a small bottle out of his pocket and carefully scooped some wish water into the bottle for Haroun. In order for the wish water to work he would have to concentrated on what he wished for harder then he has ever wished before. Haroun swallowed the wish water but was caught thinking about not only his father and his lose of stories but also his mother and how he longed for her to come back. When Haroun opened his eyes he felt ashamed and sad because his wish hadn't come true because he couldn't wish hard enough. Iff and Buttoo thought that a happy story would cheer Haroun up so they carefully picked a happy stream out of the sea and had Haroun drink it. Harouns story started out just as the story of repunzle had, but then went from good to evil having Haroun turn into a spider. When Haorun awakened from his story, Iff and BUttoo realized that the water was polluted and was polluting the stories. Summary Things to remember -What the sea of stories looks like
-what happen when Haroun tries to use to wish water
-what happen when Iff and Buttoo try to cheer Haroun up
-What is happening to the water and stories Summary Iff rush's to the Gup city with Haroun to see what is going on and when they get there they join the crowd in the pleasure garden. Iff explained the solders who where made up of pages, volumes, title pages, and the head leader of them all general Kitab. Iff also explained who pince Bolo was and how he was married to the kings only daughter princess Batcheat. When the king up on a balcony started to speak he couldn't find words, so prince Bolo stepped forward and started to scream how his princess was captured and how the guppies where going to start a war! General Kitab took over from there and continued to say that the chupwalas have not only captured the princess but also poisoned there ocean of stories. The gup's and the chup's where now going into a war. As the chapter comes to an end Harouns father who he thought was back on the house boat asleep in his turtle bed was just found in the twilight strip. Things to remember -what the soldier made up off
-who was kidnapped and by whom
-what was being poisoned
-what they where going to do about it Things to remember -who was found in the twilight zone
-was blabbermouth a boy or girl
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