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City of Ember

No description

Will Petri

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of City of Ember

Time Capsules http://webpath.follettsoftware.com/resource/viewurl?encodedUrl=ytShbPhXhHaaSxITA330TUuSIgfRUrykDN3OmymD77Q&version=1&appsignature=Destiny&appvers A time capsule is a container that holds things from the past from a different culture. People do this to show people in the future how they lived or what they believed in. The Brooklyn Bridge Time Capsule During the Cold War people were afraid that a nucleur war would happen so people stocked up on food. Some people in New York made a safe in the Brooklyn Bridge and put crackers, water, and medical supplies. 1938 World's Fair, New York At the World's Fair in 1938 at New York the Westinghouse company buried a time capsule that is supposed to be opened in 6939. Mespotamia 5,000 years ago some Mespotamians put religious objects in their temples or buildings for people to find over a long period of time Crypt of Civilization The crypt of Civilization is in Atlanta, Georgia, it was sealed in 1940 an is supposed to open in 8113. It contains lots of items like a small windmill, encyclopedia texts, tools, motion-picture, film, toys, and lots more
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