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Disney vs Original Fairy Tales

No description

Jenny Guo

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Disney vs Original Fairy Tales

Walt Disney: 1989 The Little Mermaid Snow White Brothers Grimm: 1812 Snow White The Little Mermaid Cinderella Brothers Grimm: 1812 Disney vs Original Fairy Tales by Jenny Guo Her name was Aschenputtel
Her father was still alive
Aided only by birds
Stepsisters were beautiful
Ball was 3 days
One stepsister cut off her toe to get her foot to fit the slipper
Birds pluck out the eyes of the stepsisters to "punish" them
Cinderella lives happily ever after with Prince Cinderella Walt Disney: 1950 Father died, left with evil stepmother and stepsisters
Forced to serve as maid
Aided by many animals
Fairy godmother grants wish
Spends one night at a ball
Prince falls in love, finds her through her lost glass slipper
They get married, live happily ever after 16 year old mermaid princess named Ariel
Best friends with Flounder the fish
Sneaks up to surface one night, saves Prince Eric from drowning, sings to him
Eric vows to find who sang to him
Ariel goes to Ursula the sea witch and gives up her voice to be human for 3 days
Eric almost marries a disguised Ursula, but Ariel saves him again
Eventually get married and live happily ever after with Ariel as a human Walt Disney: 1937 and the Seven Dwarves Evil stepmother fears her "beauty"
Queen tries to kill Snow White, but she escapes into woods
Stumbles upon cottage with 7 dwarves, lives with them for a while
Evil queen dresses up as old hag, gives Snow White a poisoned apple
Can only be awakened by "love's first kiss"
Queen dies in accident
Random prince finds Snow White, wakes her up with a kiss
They live happily ever after Hans Christian Andersen: 1837 15 year old mermaid princess
Saves prince
Goes to sea witch, trades voice for potion to get human legs
Potion has setbacks: she will always feel like she is walking on sharp swords
Will die unless she shares "true love's kiss" with Prince
Prince marries another woman
Mermaid princess throws herself into sea, where she is supposed to disintegrate into sea foam
Instead she turns into a spirit Evil queen jealous of her stepdaughter
Orders huntsman to kill her, but he lets her go and Snow White runs off into woods
Stumbles upon cottage and 7 dwarves, who agree to let her stay if she does their chores around the house
Queen finds out, tries to kill her 3 times: once with a deadly corset, another with a poisoned comb, and finally with a poisoned apple
Snow White is later awakened by Prince who falls in love with her looks
They get married, live happily ever after
Evil Queen is forced to dance in burning hot iron shoes until she dies
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