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Summer Lawrence Ch.10 Solar System exercise/observations

No description

Summer Lawrence

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Summer Lawrence Ch.10 Solar System exercise/observations

Summer Lawrence Ch.10 Solar System exercise/observations
The site for Alpha
Mars atmosphere is transparently and very thin.The clouds found on the planet is made mainly from carbon dioxide and dust.It is the fourth planet from the sun.And it's 33 million miles away from Earth.
Why Alpha would be successful at this site.
Because Mars has similarities to Earth,like they both share the basic elements for life to exist (carbon,nitrogen,and oxygen).And the two planets are about the same size,and move on related axes.
List what humans living in Alpha would eat.
They would take crops like lettuce,spinach,carrots,bell peppers,strawberries,and just a bunch of freeze dried things.
How humans will dress on Mars.
They would have to wear specialized suits from NASA,because of the radiation and dust storms.
Type of shelter
Space shuttles until they could actually start building things and living on mars.
Mars and Earth compared
They could examine what all was there like impact craters,rocks,studying the atmosphere,and walking through the desserts.
Types of jobs and entertainment at this site.
Facts on Mars.
The soil on Mars contains elements such as magnesium,sodium,chlorine,and potassium.Mars has two small moons named Phobos and Deimos.The gravity on Mars is lower than Earth,it's 62% lower.The diameter of it is 4,200 miles.The atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide.
Mars moons
History of Mars
Its mass is one tenth of Earth.It orbits the sun every 686 Earth days.Two thirds of Mars is upland in the southern hemisphere.The southern half has a thicker crust.
Mars history changes
Why i chose Mars
Because it is similar to Earth in many ways.It's one of the only other planets you could possibly live on cause it doesn't have methane gases and to hot of temperatures.
Life on Mars
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