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Intro to Evernote

No description

Rebecca Redlon

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Intro to Evernote

EVERNOTE: Other Evernote Features Ideas for Using Evernote
in the Classroom Student E-Portfolios Research Teacher Organization Share Your Work Organizing Web-Clipping Make Written Notes Make a Picture Note Make Audio Notes Types of Notes Create entries as you would in any notebook or journal
Copy and paste existing documents into a note
Create links to websites and videos
Tag notes for easy sorting later Record a personal mental note
Record an interview
Record your students
Tag for easy sorting Use iSight in Evernote to take a picture note
Drag images from your desktop into a new note
Drag images from a web page into a new note
Tag for easy sorting Add the Evernote web-clipping button to your toolbar,
and add web content to your Evernote notebook;
simply click the button while you're on the web page,
and VOILA! web content in a note. Share a note -- or a whole notebook -- with one person or several via email
Share a note -- or a whole notebook -- with a large group by creating a weblink Use tags within a notebook for easy sorting
Move notes from one notebook to another
Create notebooks within notebooks Students can use Evernote to organize their classwork and their notes
A great way for students to showcase both written and visual work (artwork, projects, etc)
Students can share their work with others A great way for students to collect and control multi-media materials for research projects in any class
Science notebooks: students can record and keep track of data Use Evernote to record and organize conferring notes
Use Evernote to record your students reading
Use Evernote to share materials with colleagues and administrators Collecting Informal
Writing Digitally
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