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Sohan Jain

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Projects that i worked on
Uk Tech Pubs
Screen digest
Quarterly report extraction
Led Price Extraction
Change detection
UK Tech Pubs
I created business logic for the robots.
Created around 50 plus robots.
Screen Digest

This project involved creating of new robots as well as updating of the existing one's.
Involved in developing and updating nearly 100 plus robot.
It was a good learning curve as i learnt a lot about pattern matching
Parts & Automobile
Created 8 LPND robots.
Created a business logic for automobile domain
Quarterly Report Extraction
This involved me in developing snippets and types for this project .
Created around 198 robots with the help of few in second shift .
In this i had to be in a constant interaction with the customer and understand there needs.
Led Price Extraction
This project was divided into 2 parts
1.led price extraction.
2.led new
Led new had pagination has we had to search the product by typing it in the search bar .
where as led price extraction has input stored in database which we would directly load into the robot.

Change detection
Progress in the year 2014

Sohan jain s
The journey started with

Training on kapow and java
Basic training on SQL
Developed business logic for 50 robots
Business logic involved setting of tags to the desired portions of the website.
Developed business logic for extracting customer and supplier information.
The goal

To develop more robots which can save time for the customers,and error free one.
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