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Ancient Mali, Africa

Maurice, Sadie, Jenna, Desi

Desiree Parrish

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Mali, Africa

Maurice, Sadie, Jenna, Desi How did your kingdom
begin? Provide specific dates. Who where the important people in you kingdom? What factors led to the growth of the kingdom? What caused the decline of your kingdom? Yes, because they were all leaders or farmers and thats what they grew or took care of to trade. It became important after 1235 when sundjata organized Malinke resistance against the branch of the southern soninke, who made up the center of the old kingdom of Ghana. The Griots. They were big on trade which made them rich. After Munsa Musa's death his decendant argued about who should be the next ruler of Mali. Was agriculture important
in their economy? Why or
Why not? Ancient Mali, Africa Did they use money? Was trade important? Yes, trade was very important and they also used gold for money. Who were their trading partners? What did they trade? Their trading partners were South Africa, North Africa, and West Africa. They traded salt, cloth, metals, leather, food like nuts, ivory. Where was your kingdom located? Show where you kingdom is located on a map. West Africa What were it's natural surrondings? How did geography affect your kingdom? How did your kingdom change its environment? Where the people there religious? What were their beliefs? What types of art were created? Identify the architecture of the kingdom. What types of
buildings did they have? How were they used? Bib http://www.indexmundi.com/mali/natural_resources.html Soil erosion, deforestation, and loss of pastureland pose additional problems for the environment The region's relative location changed with the discovery of all-water routes around Africa and around the world in the period after 1500 A.D. Mali is a strongly Muslim country and Islam plays a major role in society and daily life. The amcient pre-Islamic religion was animist. These communities prayed to the Spirit of the Land asking them to increase the growth and harvest of the crops. This is an ancient traditional belief Mali are very distinctive, generally made of sun-dried mud, with beams and branches of trees sticking out of them to aid in the yearly refinishing of the mosque after the summer rains http://www.librarybcds.com/6WQafrica/6WQafrica.html http://mali.pwnet.org/culture/culture_arts.htm http://histclo.com/country/afr/mali/act/ma-rel.html It's hot, and hasdust-laden haze common during dry seasons They created instruments, sculptures, houses, and simple toys (They are the historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet and/or musician.)
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