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Preparing for Debate

No description

CR Dobson

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Preparing for Debate

What do you want people to believe? That's your thesis. "People should drink Coca Cola because it's better than Pepsi.
Write your thesis (also called a claim or resolution)
Preparing for Debate
Discuss your research with your group. What evidence or data do you have to support your resolution? Like last week, choose your top 2 points. Have one person expand data for each point until you have 2 paragraph.
Review your research
Discuss what you think your opponents #1 point will be. This time, you will not actually ask them for their information.

You have to use the knowledge gained from your research to "guess" their best point.

Choose one person to write a paragraph that both explains their #1 point AND why we should believe that that point is wrong.
What will they say?
When you've finished your paragraphs, make the connection. This is called the "warrant."

"A good cola is not only refreshes you and quenches your thirst, but also makes you remember what it was like to be young. Coca Cola does all of that in more. You should drink Coca Cola because it is much better than Pepsi.
Make the Connection
You just wrote your affirmative or negative speech!

Now you're going to use that speech in a debate.
Let's go step-by-step through a debate.
Debate Format
Read this article:
Also do additional research on your own. As before, I will quiz you on very general knowledge of the topic. It’s okay to do your research in Korean and the article above is most likely available in Korean on the Korea Times website.

Next Week's Research topic: English Immersion in Elementary Schools
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