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The presentation about MI6.

dominik božič

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of MI6

The Beginnings of British Intelligence
Sir Francis Walsingham developed expertise in secret interception in the time of Queen Elisabeth I.
Origins of the SIS (secret services) lie in the decision made by the Committee for Imperial defense in 1909 to create a Secret Service Bureau.
Background was the threat of German military and naval expansion.
home - MI5
foreign section - MI6
SIS networks were operating behind enemy lines in Belgium and France and made an important contribution to Allied victory.
Mata Hari
During the Second World War SIS was working closely with SOE (Special Operations Executive). SOE's main mission was (in Churchill's words): ˝to set Europe ABLAZE.˝
An intelligence agency is a government agency responsible for collection, analysis or exploration of information and intelligence in support of law enforcement, national security, defense and foreign policy objectives.
Slovenska obveščevalno-varnostna agencija (SOVA)
Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or colloquially MI6)
Security Service (or colloquially MI5)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
The James Bond films are a British series of motion pictures based on the fictional character of MI6 agent James Bond (code designation 007), who originally appeared in a series of books by Ian Fleming.
Eon Productions has produced 22 films, at an average of one every two years. The series is the second highest-grossing of all-time. Six actors have portrayed 007 in the Eon series. The most known is Sean Connery, who gave Bond his style and mood.
Made by: Jošt, Dominik, Pascal -> B2a
SIS was providing intelligence to British government.
Intelligence about communists and their activities.
A few scandals.
Viktor Bogomolets
Menshevik from Russia, who worked as an agent for MI6.
After WW2 he started to work for the Soviet Union - he sent many important intelligence reports and betrayed a few MI6 agents. He worked with communists in the UK.
Then he disappeared and no one knows where he died (possibly in Paris).
In august 2010 police found a 31-year-old rising star in super secret counter terrorism work, named Gareth Williams. He was found in a fetal position, arms crossed on his chest, locked inside a duffel bag resting in an unfilled bathtub at his government flat.
On the zip they found DNA of another person. His body was in the bag too long to say if it was a murder or a suicide.
First World War
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