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Holland's Six Tendencies

No description

Meika Kaede

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Holland's Six Tendencies

Finally Realistic Social Holland's six Tendencies Prefers working with people to inform, help, or cure. Interpersonal/educational ability. Tends to avoid activities demanded by realistic occupations or situations.

Jobs: Religious worker, Clinical psychologist, Speech therapist, Nurse, Counselor, Teacher, etc. Investigative Prefers investigating/researching physical, biological or cultural phenomena. Scientific/mathematical ability. Tends to avoid activities demanded by enterprising occupations or situations.

Jobs: Geologist, Chemist, Physicist, Laboratory Assistant, Medical Technician, Biologist, etc. Conventional Prefers organizing/processing data in structured situations. Clerical/computational ability. Tends to avoid ambiguous, free, unstructured occupations or situations.

Jobs: Banker, Bookkeeper, Secretary, Computer Programmer, Financial Analyst, Tax Preparer, etc. Artistic Prefers manipulating physical or intangible materials to create art forms or products. Artistic/language/music ability. Tends to avoid structured activities or conventional occupations.

Jobs: Writer, Painter, Actor, Designer, Musician, Composer, Dancer, etc. Enterprising Prefers influencing/leading others to achieve organizational goals or economic gain. Leadership/persuasion ability. Tends to avoid investigative occupations or situations.

Jobs: Entrepreneur, Business executive, Salesperson, Travel Agent, Manager, Buyer, etc. Prefers working with tools, machines or animals, often outdoors. Tends to avoid activities demanded by social occupations or situations.

Jobs: Auto mechanic, Aircraft controller, Electrician, Farmer, Surveyor, etc.
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