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Speak introduction

No description

Hunter Hagen

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Speak introduction

Learning about your own life
After reading Speak you can look down at your own life and see that you may be lucky or you can relate. If you see that you are lucky hopefully you take from that and see that you can make a change. If you can relate make another change in your life to make sure you are stable and happy. Just remember to keep your head up
Melinda is a young girl going for her freshmen year. She had a rough time during summer. Melinda had called the cops on the party that was thrown during summer break.
Some things that influenced me while reading the book were, while thinking about the book you think about how you can relate. You can see life in a different way.
Was it worth it?
This book was very meaningful to me and I'm sure others. This book was worth reading because I saw life in a new way and could see the life of Melinda.
In Speak the beginning starts with Melinda upset about friends. Once you read the book you will understand why.
The End of the book
If you want to know what happens in the END of the book, your going to have to go to a local book store, and purchase the book "Speak". I have to leave you hanging ;)
This is from Melinda
Melinda developed a good friendship with her art teacher. While in the class she drew a tree. This tree stayed with her and developed with her. If you want to know more about the tree, read Speak!
Summary of drama
When you read Speak you will hear a lot of drama and how negative Melinda truly can be. In the book Speak you can see that she is going through a really hard time. These "hardships" may be something you can relate at home.
Speak introduction
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