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New Technology in the Classroom

No description

Glenn McLintock

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of New Technology in the Classroom

New Technology in the Classroom
So many advanced and innovative ways of reading, learning and exploring have been incorporated in today’s classrooms as a result of the development in technology

In today’s session, we will explore a variety of technologies and how they are used to enhance education and learning

Can you imagine...
Radio being the newest form of communication
TV's have appeared and everything is black and white

What does this have to do with today?
These developments were just the beginning of the advancement of technology

At first, many people thought they were needless and too confusing to operate. We soon became accustomed to having them in our everyday life

Today, we live in a Cyber World and as Educators, we owe it to our students to learn the latest technology that the world has to offer
Prezi is an online, Flash-based presentation creator which shares similar functionalities with other presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynotes

It is a visual learning tool which allows you to create maps of texts, images, videos, graphics, etc.

Prezi's most noticable feature is the "zoom in and out" function which allows you to focus on the smallest detail in the presentation as well as the big picture

Take Home Message
Technology will change
Don't be afraid to try new technology in your teaching
Don't use technology JUST to use technology
Always try to determine if it will help students learn
Do you remember when...
You purchased your first mobile phone
We used a classic walkman to listen to music

Benefits of using Prezi in the Classroom
Makes presentations very interactive and fun
Suits all learners as it is visual, kinaesthetic and as sounds can be imported, it can be auditory too
Easy to use, makes learning enjoyable and provides a different approach and format for presenting
Great cross curricular tool to link ICT with other subjects
Can be used by both teachers and students
A range of resources can be used such as importing a video from YouTube or Google Images
Ideas for using Prezi your teaching
Develops teamwork as they can create a Prezi in small groups on a particular topic
Allows children to become computer literate by developing ICT skills such as using fonts, importing images and video etc.
Can be used as a revision aid for exams, specific to visual learners
As an assessment tool to check knowledge and understanding of a certain topic
Quick Response (QR) Codes
A QR code is a 2D barcode that can be read using smartphones, tablets, laptops or QR reading devices
They link directly to articles, emails, websites, videos, social media pages and more
All you need is a camera lens on your device and a free QR code scanning application
Benefits of using QR Codes in the Classroom
Eliminate the frustration of long web addresses
Takes students directly to a designated website
Allows for more time completing activities or teaching
Very quick and easy to make
Change your normal routine
Something a little bit more fun for students to get involved with
Ideas for using QR Codes in your teaching
Maths - Add QR codes to your printed worksheets to give students access to the solutions at home

MFL - Give access to GCSE listening papers - print them out and stick them in their planners

Science - Film your practical experiments and upload the videos to the schools VLE - display QR codes around the lab for reference by students/parents/teachers
Socrative lets teachers engage and assess their students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and smartphones
Gauge the whole class' current level of understanding through the use of real time questioning, instant results and visualisation
Socrative saves teachers time so the class can further collaborate, discuss, extend, grow and progress
Benefits of using Socrative in the Classroom
Teacher and student can compare individual understanding based on the topics in class
Students are engaged in real time activities with the current content being learned/assessed in class
Responses can be in the form of:
Multiple choice
Short answer
Quick quiz
Exit ticket
Space race
Ideas for using Socrative in your teaching
Ice breaker - fun multiple choice and true/false questions to get to know students

Starter activity - question students on previous lesson

Understand prior knowledge

Assessment on the current topic

Word Clouds
Using Word Clouds in your Teaching
If you're starting a new topic, gather all key words from that topic and display them in a word cloud
Display the word cloud each lesson and explain the definitions of the key words
Display word cloud at the start of a lesson for 30 seconds and students have to write down as many as they can remember

Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community

A teacher can create a course to help students learn key parts of a topic

Can be used as a revision tool that students can refer to
The Facebook for Schools

It is a social network platform for teachers, students and parents

Teachers invite students into private groups that can be used for online classroom discussions, but in a format that keeps the teacher firmly in control
Create groups
Write notes
Class discussions
Send alerts
Set assignments
Create quizzes/polls
Add apps (some free, some cost)
Print, colour and see your drawings in a hand animated 3D world

Use blank templates to create a drawing that links in with your current topic

Ask students to write a small paragraph in a blank box and colour it to make it 3D
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