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Copy of Ocean Township 5th Grade Open House

No description

Christopher Amato

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Ocean Township 5th Grade Open House

Ocean Township
5th Grade
Open House

Special Area Teacher Locations
World Language - Mr. Palumbo (Italian), Mrs. Herrera (Spanish) (Commons)
ELL - Mrs. Malta (Commons)
Reading Specialist - Mrs. Gall and ASP Teacher Mrs. Fischer (5109)
Phys. Ed. - Mrs. Cocozzo, Mr. Curran, and Mrs. Hanke (Gymnasium)
Guidance Counselor - Mrs. D'Ambrosio (5143)
Occupational Therapist - Miss Theodore (5112)
LDTC - Dana Magliaro (5th Grade Office)
Mrs. Johnson, Krueger, Gorga, Sterner, Mount (5130) POR - ELA
Mrs. Dunlap (5216 - upatairs)
Mrs. Nahrebne (5129)
Mrs. Vigil-Mackintosh (5104)
Jenn Palumbo -President
jenn@mokes.net, cell - 732-740-4184
Executive Board - Lisa Laffler (Treasurer), Sandy Woods (VP Fundraising), Lois DeMarco (Recording Secretary), Christy Mildner (VP Programs)
Parent Engagement - Web Backpack, open lines of communication, become a member
PTA Roles - class trips, education assemblies, school events
PTA website - forms and calendar of events
First Meeting - October 4th in IMC 7:30
Susan Green SEPTA President
Closing Remarks
Go to
teacher first
In 15 minutes I will make an announcement to switch rooms
Stop by PTA store on the way out - Get your SPIRIT WEAR
Sign-up as a volunteer
See Jeff Hanaway/Tiffany McVey with Sodexo, set up lunch accounts
Library (IMC) volunteer sign-ups in Commons
Thank you!
Important Information
Opening Remarks
Board Information Packet
Smooth transition thus far
Students aware of expectations: respect, work ethic and character
Classroom/Homeroom teachers are here to discuss curriculum, classroom policies, grading practices, expectations and procedures
Not a conference

Set up Parent Portal - call 732-531-5600 ext. 7100 for assistance
Behavior Management Rubric - Promote positive climate, conflict vs. bullying
Recess - Always have a jacket, outside unless the wind chill hits a certain point (will be in contact with elementary principals)
Parent Teacher conferences February 6th - 9th
5/6th grade Social - September 26th 7:00-8:30
*Google Chrome Books - Google Docs/Classroom, TFK, enVison 2.0 and
Summer Reading Books - Please Return ASAP
Important Info Continued
Hours of Operation
8:00-2:30 (10:00-2:30 -Delayed Opening)
7:30-8:00 On WEST side of Building
Any time after 8:00 is considered tardy
Early Dismissal - 12:25 pm
During School Hours is ALWAYS on the WEST side of Building (Main Office)
After School Hours (extra help, chorus) East side of the building (Bus Loop Side)
Parking in the center of the loop, not against the curb
Excused = Religious Holiday and Bring your child to work day
All other absences need to be VERIFIED (Maria Conery ext. 7107)
Three consecutive absences - need a doctors note to return
Social Media Concerns
Guidance Lessons – Cyber bullying, Types of cyber bullying, safe user names, information that should/shouldn’t be shared.
Calculator Plus*


Parent Awareness
MamaBear (Free)*
Finding Friends (Free)*
Secure Teen Parental Control
Norton Family
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