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Georgia O`keefe

No description

Jessica Russell

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Georgia O`keefe

Georgia o`keeffe Analyze- Line Describe Analyze- Texture Jimson weed 2
Georgia Totto O'Keeffe was an American artist. Born near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, O'Keeffe first came to the attention of the New York art community in 1916, several decades before women had gained access.

Born: November 15, 1887, Sun Prairie

Died: March 6, 1986, Santa Fe

Period: American modernism

Education: School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Virginia, More Banana Flower This is the Banana Flower, it has a long pointy shaped bottom, with a ruffly top that looks like leaves. It has a
horizontal over lap under
the ruffles. It has light
spots of shadding
around the bottom,
the over lap and
the very top of
where the
light hits it
and dark
spots where
there should
be a shadow. I fills the canvas up. Judge Bio Thanks for watching;
By: Jessica Russell :) Grey line with black, blue and yellow I really love her unique paintings of flowers and bones. She doesn't just paint flowers she takes it further and looks at the inside details and paints it. Also with the bones, she takes a bone of something and sticks it in picture with a view of something, like the dessert. The texture in this picture is a soft feeling. I leaves on the flower look very light and soft the way she drew them. And the back ground is very soft lighter colors that make it feel vary calm and soft. Oriental Poppies Analyze- Forms These two flower have a three dimensional form. Where the petals meet in the middle of the picture, they look like there pushing out of the painting. Also the way she outlined the inside of the flower makes it look more real. Petunia Analyze- Value The value in this picture is the light and dark colors contrasting. The light purple and the white mixing in the back ground making a lighter pinkish purple is contrasting with the deep purple in the flower. Antelope Analyze- Space The positive space in this peace of painting is the bone of an animal. The negative space in this painting is the sky and the ground. There is a lot of line in this picture but there is a lot of repetition of the same line. In the middle of the painting there are a lot of straight lines that have a curve at the very top that are repeated six times. There are also swoopy lines, bubbly lines, fuzzy lines and wavy lines.
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