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Ideal Environment (Art Project)

No description

Group 5

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Ideal Environment (Art Project)

Art Project Done by Daphne, Syazana
Jaedon & Darius Started with a boring green board With just a fence dull Random plastic
bottle parts A tree made out
of straws And a bunch of... Painted it brown to match the colour of a mushroom stalk Added some pieces of furniture which are painted brown to match the colour of the bottle From this.. ...And the area which was once bare green We placed pebbles made out of clay around the pond has become a very nice pond with birds and flowers We also made paper cranes and
lotus flowers out of
recycled paper & newspapers lotus flower
origami paper crane Tossed in 2 mushrooms made out of clay Reused green fabric to make the tree leaves Painted the bottom of
a big bottle into a flower Scattered 2 origami butterflies made out of recycled paper in the foreground Thank you for your kind attention! And this is our finished
project Linoit answers What is my ideal
environment? My ideal environment is
one that has a very
nice and peaceful ambience My current environment is
very messy, polluted and it is not nice due to alot of litter. What is my current
environment? What are the types of pollution
that I know of? Air pollution

Water pollution Smoke from cars Smoke from factories Oil spills Litters How can I change my current to my ideal
environment? I can start by throwing my litter into the respective bins when I see it and tidy up my workplace whenever I am finished using it. I can also use the 3rs in my daily activities. How can I explore my ideal
future? I can do so by surfing the
internet to find some
inspiration. Or attending
environmental art
exhibitions Why is it important to
have a condusive environment? We would not be so stressed with
the mess around us and also we
are able to concentrate better on
the activities we are doing. What materials are suitable
to create my artwork? Since it is something that is environmentally related, the usage of recyclable materials such as newspaper, recycled paper, and used containers are very suitable in the making of this artwork Our reflection Daphne Syazana I enjoy doing the art project. It develops my sportsmanship & learning how to better communicate with the members The art project was really something I enjoyed. It is fun yet at the same time it build up my confidence and co-operation with my team mates Jaedon The art project really have widened my knowledge, I didn't know that using recyclable materials can create such magnificent art piece. Darius Art projects are fun. And it widens my knowledge on art and improves teamwork skills.
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