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Was Canada an effective middle power in the cold war?

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Olivia Hahn

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Was Canada an effective middle power in the cold war?

They Defended the US
They defended the US
They worked as peacekeepers
They worked as peacekeepers
Yes, Canada was an effective middle power in the Cold war. They did the job they set out to do, while helping other countries in need of assistance and still looking out for their own best interests.
Part of Canada's job in the cold war was to defend the US. They assisted the US in building a defense line known as the DEW line which stands for Distant Early Warning. This series of radars allowed the US to detect sea or land attacks (such as nuclear bombs) before they reached them, allowing them time to prepare for the attacks or prepare to defend themselves. The picture shows a part of the DEW line.
Another way Canada carried out their role in defending the US was by forming NORAD. NORAD stands for North American Aerospace defense command. It was a treaty agreement between Canada and the US that said that if either of them were to under go attack they would defend each other. This shows that Canada did an adequate job in the role to defend the US. The picture shows the three different lines of radars that were formed as a result of NORAD.
Another role Canada played as a middle power was as a peacekeeper. They often helped war torn countries defend themselves by sending in volunteer soldiers, such as during the Korean war. These soldiers made many contributions in these countries to the United Nations forces and helped many countries from being taken over by the soviets. The picture shows soldiers fighting in the Korean war.
Was Canada an effective middle power in the cold war?
During the cold war anyone involved was classified into one of three groups . There were the Super Powers who were countries like the US and the Soviet union, there were war torn countries like Cuba and Korea and then there were middle powers. During this time Canada was classified as a middle power. Their job was to do their best to act as peacekeepers, while supporting the US and keeping their own interests in mind.
On top of all Canada was doing for other countries in the cold war they also made sure they were able to look out for their own best interests. By helping defend the US and building the DEW line Canada was also looking out for themselves. If the soviets decided to attack Canada would know about it and they would be able to defend themselves. The picture shows the DEW lines in Canada.
Canada also played their role as a peacekeeper by ensuring they didn't clearly take a side in the cold war. By doing things to assist both superpowers it ensured that one side would not get upset and in turn take actions against them causing the war to be longer than it needed to be. The picture shows Canadian soldiers peacekeeping in other countries.
They also looked out for themselves by helping countries other than the US, so if they were to undergo an attack they would have lots of back up.
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