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All About Me

No description

Elizabeth Vinciguerra

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
I went to Italy for the first time in 2005.
Weren't meant to go but dad had all ready booked us tickets.
Mum was pregnant with my brother.
As a kid I did drama.
I did it for 3 and a half years.
I did it at East Fremantle Primary School.
Drama boost my confidence and I can now stand in front of an audience and speak.
When I was 9 I started to play netball.
I've done it for 4 years and still doing it to this day.
I play for Cockburn.
I was selected to try out for FNA (Fremantle Netball Association) but I didn't make it.
I arrived on the 21st of July 2000
Second child in my family.
Weighted 2.95kg
I was 51cm tall.
I was 15 months.
I was in my walker.
I fell down the stairs in my walker.
My parents had to call the ambulance because I lost my breath from crying so much.
I was baptised on the 22nd of April 2001
At St Jerome's Church in Munster.
Baptised with Olivia Neri.
After party was at Bella Napoli.
When ever I go to Busselton on the school holidays.
There is a beach behind our holiday house we would always go there for a swim but some reason I always get stung by Bluebottles.
I'm a very crafty person.
I love making things and decorating my room.
I really enjoy it.
I have made a lot of things for my extended.
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