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No description

Mika Hamilton

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Photography

Photography The art or practice of taking a photograph by recording a time frame that reflects the artists thoughts by capturing light. Photography is a snapshot that allows us to see things from a different perspective. What is the difference between a photograph and a picture? Pictures are photos that have been framed, but not always. A photo is a picture, but a picture isn't always a photo; pictures can come straight from the imagination and be represented in any form; drawn painted, etc. I think that a photo that has been edited or manipulated becomes a picture because in most cases, a photograph is usually an exact representation of the original that is taken by a camera or light sensored material. A way to illistrate a different, more powerful, way of looking at a subject or a peice of history. A photo can explain some when there are no words to describe. graph thing A picture is an image of a person, scene or object. But a photograph is a window into the past, capture of movement or steady life. It can make us feel warm, confused, afraid, comforted or even happy. If its cookies it can make us crave or smell moms homemade recipe! Sharp barbed wire becomes romantic, a decaying landscape becomes more lively than ever, and the seed of a common weed lights a spark in your imagination. Anyways...you get the idea! By, Mika Pattern A repetition in either line or form. Texture The feel, appearance or consistency on a surface or substance. Texture describes the tactical quality of a form. For example; rough, silky, grainy, etc. Lines lines serve to affect photographic composition by leading the eye through the photograph. By doing this, you're keeping the viewers attention focused on the image. Framing is a technique used to direct the viewers attention to the subject of the photo and adds depth. The subject enclosed by the frame is separated from the rest of the image and are emphasized. Framing Perspective Perspective in photography can be defined as the sense of depth or spacial relationships between objects in the photo. Balance There are different types of balance in photography. For example; close and distant objects, light and dark contrast, foreground/background, sharp/soft areas, etc. Balance is when the photograph commands your attention equally throughout the image. Colors Color is one of the most important compositions in a photo. Without it, the photo might not impact you as much as it should. Color can captivate or engage you emotionally. It makes the image come alive, feel exciting or mysterious. It also has the effect to make the photo really pop; like using a dull background and a splash of color on the main subject in it. Symmetry Symmetry is when the photograph is made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis. PHOTOGRAPHY THE END
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