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Asher eger

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of ATOMIC BOMB

By Jackson Heck & Asher Eger
Germany's Plan
Why Did They Create The Bomb?
Einstein and several other scientists
told Roosevelt of efforts in Germany
to purify uranium -235, which could
be used to build an atomic bomb. It
was shortly thereafter that the United States government began the
serious undertaking known then only
as the Manhattan Project.

The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
Truman learned that the a success of the Manhattan protect allowed him to know he was faced with a decision of horror. The capacity to end the war with an Atomic Bomb.
The uranium society was a secret society (clandestine) a scientific effort led by Germany to create and produce an atomic bomb. This program started in April 1939 just a couple of months after the discovery of nuclear fusion in January 1939. But it ended only months later because of the invasion of Poland so the need of soldiers made physicists be drafted.
It killed 80,000 to 140,000 people and seriously injured 100,000 or more . The hundreds of fires, ignited by the thermal pulse, combined to produce a fire storm that had incinerated everything within about 4.4 miles of ground zero. 30 minutes after the explosion heavy rain fell in the northwest city. The black rain was full of dirt ,dust,soot highly radioactive particles that were in the air during the explosion and fire. It caused contamination even in areas that were remote from the explosion .
Atomic Tests
July 16th 1945.
Atomic test in Mexico.
Operation Crossroads-
A series of two tests.
NE lagoon 1945 The bomb free to fall from air drop and under water detonation.
Operation sand stone-
1948 number of tests three test type tower.
Little Boy
Weight: 9700lbs
length: 10ft and a 28in diameter: highly enriched uranium.
Poor efficiency
Explosive force: 15,000 tons of TNT
Dropped on Hiroshima August 6,1945
Dropping bomber: Enola gay
Fat Man
Weight: 10,800 lbs
length: 10ft 8in diameter
Fuel: highly enriched uranium and plutonium 239
Plutonium core surrounded by 5300 lbs of high explosives
Plutonium core reduced to size of a tennis ball
Efficiency of bomb: ten times that of Little boy
Approx. 1.176 grams of plutonium converted to energy
Explosive force:21,000 tons of TNT
Dropped on Nagasaki August 9, 1945
Dropping bomber: Bockscar
Long Term Effects On Humans
Some of the after the effects of radiation were a wide range of physical probolems.Cancer,Leukemia, and many others appear two,three, even ten years later.
Blood disorders
Japanese-data, there was a rise in anemia among person, exposed to the bomb. In some cases, the decrease in white, and red blood cells lasts for up to ten years after the bombing.
Process of Creating the Atomic Bomb
The worlds first nuclear atom was made with plutonium, a man made element made from nuclear reactors. Plutonium is created when an atom of uranium 239 absorbs a neutron and becomes plutonium 239.
There was a rise in cataract rate of survivors at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That were partly shielded and suffered partial hair loss.
Early 1946 scar tissue covering apparently healed burns began to swell and grow abnormally.
Atomic bomb
Atomic Heritage Foundation
History learning site
American history
Germany's nuclear energy project
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