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Islam rules yfjra

No description

Year3 Academy

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Islam rules yfjra

By Y.A.R.J.F .inc

Introduction to Islam!
Islam is a religon for all Muslims
Allah is the one and only God he is the all seer and all hearing and he is the most powerful he controls when you die and when you where born.He controls the whole univeresie . His enemy is the Devil and he lives in the seventh paradice.
Mecca is a city in hijaz in the country Saudi Arabia. The Ka'ba is a mosque which was build by Abraham. Muhammad was born and lived in Mecca until he was 52 years old.
The Qur'an ispreshis because your have to raead it us pransry ashem.Well what hanppend to our'an was angel came to abrim and gave him he was 40 years old.Qur'an was inportent because it will help you to give good dreams.
Muhammad was born im Mecca in 570AD. He was born after his father died. His father was Abd Allah. Muhammad is a messenger of god. Did you know that April 20th was his birth date. Muhammad 's mother Amina died.Muhammad once had a vision of Angel Gabriel. When he was 8 his grandfather died.
In Ramadan you fast and do good deeds and ramadan startes on the month of july.The only thing you eat is kajoor allah created Ramadan and it started in suada arba in the house of allah.The muslim got noticed by lisning to allah.
There is no god except Allah and Muhammed peace be upon him is his messenger. Shahadah is the 1st pillar which means faith.

Fasting means you have to fast and self control for blessed month for Ramadan. Fasting means that you don`t eat for a month. Sawm is perhaps the most demanding of the five pillars.

Once a year all Muslims pray at the holy Kabba
and to worship Allah.

Islamic art
zakat means you have to give 2.5% of your savigs to poor people.Muslim are expetid to give poor people and sick people their savings.
Salat mean you pray 5 times
a day or over .They made this piller so we could complete our prayers.
Eid stars after Ramadan
for the muslims celebration
after Ramadan for the fasting.
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