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Job Search Strategies for Success

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c s

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Job Search Strategies for Success

What is Networking?
Building relationships and making connections
Creating an ever-expanding web of contacts
Making the most of your contacts
With a goal in mind!
Who is in your current network?

Friends of family
Former/current employers
Ways to Network
Career Development Center's Resources:
Job Fairs
Information Sessions

Resources on Campus:
Student Organizations

Informational Interviews
Civic/Charitable Organizations
CSULB Alumni
Social Media
Professional Organizations/Conferences
Goals for Presentation
Identify Avenues to Search for Opportunities
Value of Networking
Ways to Network
Elevator Pitch
Job Search Plan
Two Key Questions:
What kind of work do you want to do?
Where do you want to do it?
Research and Search
Job Titles
What Can I Do With This Major?
Career Resource Library
Final Tips

Research positions utilizing multiple avenues
Know what you want before you start the job search process
Consult a Career Counselor to make sure you are on track
Refine your resume and cover letter
Network, network, network
Maintain your job search momentum!
find a friend!
Job Search Strategies for Success
Presented by: Carolyn Sevilla, Career Counselor
Where do I begin my job search?
Conduct a Self Assessment
Skills and Abilities
Desired work tasks
Short-term and long-term goals
Identify the kind of work you want to do & employment sectors where that kind of work is done:
Type of Work:
Computer Programmer
Pharmaceutical Sales
Business Analyst
Employment Sectors:
Public (county, state, federal, etc)

Online Job Search Engines
CSULB Job Boards
Going Global
Online Job Boards
Specialty Job Boards
Employer Websites
Walt Disney Company
Federal Government Jobs, usajobs.gov
Job Search Pie
80% found through Networking
20% found online
Create a Job Search Plan
1. Conduct a Self-Assessment
values, likes/dislikes, goals, education, experience
2. Identify kinds of work & employment sectors
3. Generate List of Companies
4. Have resume and cover letters reviewed
tailor documents
5. Continue to expand your network!
inform your contacts you are searching!
keep social media sites up to date!
Preparing for Interview
Know who you are, experiences, and what you have to offer
Have a clear understanding of your goals and what you want
Research the company and the position
Be positive and express enthusiasm
Have questions for the employer
Practice behavioral based interviewing
Follow-up with the employer
Imagine a New Networking Situation...
You do not know a soul there
Everyone is talking animatedly
You walk-in, and lose every ounce of self-assurance you ever had!
Elevator Pitch
"I am currently a senior at California State University, Long Beach and I will be graduating in May with a major in Psychology. As the Vice President of the Psychology club, I have developed excellent interpersonal skills that have led to a high level of success working in a team environment. As a current intern at Orange County 211, I have gained knowledge of the services available to community members and how to make appropriate referrals to clients in crisis. I am very interested in working with Working Wardrobes because of the population your organization serves. At Orange County 211, I worked with diverse clients, including veterans. Would you be able to share the types of skills you are seeking in your internship applicant pool?
A strong personal brand makes you stand out from other job applicants or colleagues with the same educational or professional background

Branding Yourself
Elevator Pitch
“Hello, my name is Erin and I am a senior graduating in December working towards a degree in History. I noticed that you have an Account Coordinator Position in Client Services. I love working with people- specifically helping them achieve their goals. I am a huge fan of design and actually took several courses in my community college so I feel your company would be a great fit for me because of my interest in design and customer relations. I found that I have a natural talent in creating relationships with people and discovering how we can work together for a mutually beneficial outcome. For example, I currently am involved in American Marketing Association, a national and CSULB organization. I have helped with their social media campaigns to attend conferences and events, working with a small team to accomplish this task, I was able to develop my leadership skills as we increased attendance by 20% percent compared to last year. Could you tell me more about the recruitment process at your company what positions may be a good fit?”

Getting Started
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