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No description

Alex Acker

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Google

Google Employee Perks A Global Google Innovation The 8 Pillars "We want them working all the time." - Eric Schmidt, former CEO 18 Cafes 7 Executive Chefs Every type of food Imaginable FREE!! ORGANIC Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner On Site Hair Cut Fully Equipped Gym Swim-in-place Swimming Pools FREE FREE Ping-Pong Billiards Foosball FREE 70 20 10 Employees Google Project Oxygen On Site Dry Cleaning On-Site Medical Staff Massages Subsidized => very cheap! Subsidized Child Care at Kinderplex Reggio Emilia Philosophy Outdoor Fitness Soccer Field
Basketball Courts
Tennis Courts
Bocce Ball Courts
Horseshoe Pits
Putting Green
Roller Hockey Rink Bowling Free Dance! Baby-Friendly 18 Weeks For Moms
12 Weeks For Dads $500 Baby-Bonding Bucks Monthly Baby Showers Free Android Devices Day in the Life of a Googler Wake Up: 9 am Arrive at Googleplex with Marvin Start work at standing desk Lava Lamp on Desk Take Electric Scooter for free sushi Spend an hour designing your new product Get a quick workout in Pick-up laundry Go Home! AdWords 20% Products chrome Speed
Personalization Broadcast Yourself Most Profitable
Advertising on Google Mobile
Variety Agence France Presse Differing Political Policies Website Removal Requests Invasion of Privacy GMAIL Discontinued Google Products/Services Web Accelerator
Real Estate
Google Pack
Google Answers
Audio Ads
Voice Search 1,344,000,000 83.6% 535 2015 Page Rank
Search Engine Optimization
Google Search Functionality
Multiple Languages Other Known Products Why are some people leaving?
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