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QR Codes

How to make and use QR Codes in the classroom

Rachel Lanquist

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of QR Codes

QR Codes:
The what? and how to!

Where to start...
QR Reader App
QR Code Generator


Social Studies
Field Trips? Vacation?
More Ideas
What is it?
QR Code - Quick Response Code
Connect to videos, audio, websites and pictures.
Google Apps
* Website
* Doc
* Spreadsheet
* Calendar
* Homework
QR Codes in Literacy
* Choose your own ending

* Virtual museum

* Choice

* Thematic Units

* Class stories/books

* Bibliography

Where can I find QR Codes?
- Readable from any direction
- "For shoppers who want to know and go" - Joe Waters
(QR Codes for Dummies)

- Do something the medium can't do

Static - URL code as is

Dynamic - URL shortener
Link the book to a video
Link to author's biography
Book Review
Link Fiction to Nonfiction
Student Reading/Explaining Their Work
Vocabulary (all subjects)
* Maps: locations, landmarks, news
* Calendar for dates in history
* Link to resources
Many cities, places and exhibits now have QR Codes.
Use to explain concepts
Quiz/Exit Out/Attention Grabber
Link to Models, Demonstrations, Videos

Doc has to be shared so public can open
* Has to be in an open sharing location

* Shared publicly
* Check Answers
* Lesson videos
* Quizzes
* Tic Tac Toe
* "Around the Room"

* Differentiation/Groups
* Student Work/Art
* Music individual part audio
*Tic Tac Toe
* Notebook
* Parent forms
* Newsletters
* Scavenger Hunt
* Classroom Site/Blog

Record Labs or Demonstrations
Labs or Demonstrations
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